December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Tomorrow is 2015!

Wow it felt weird to write that...
Why do I feel like the 90's were yesterday?
Okay, so, save the fact that I am aging at an uncontrollable rate, 
and I should know better at this old age to make resolutions, 
I am going to give it another go.
Here are this year's lies:

1. To plant a real, bad-ass, flower garden. 
Yes, I know, this was last year's resolution, and 2013...I mean it this time.

2. To plant, and nurture my vegetable garden,
 and to preserve/can/sauce enough for the winter 
(this year was a sad flop).

3. To mentally prepare myself for the first day of kindergarten. 
I am going to be a F$%^ing basket case in September. 
I apologize to Elias' teachers in advance...

4. To make a 100% homemade lasagna. 
Our cow, our tomatoes, our basil, our homemade pasta, our homemade cheeses.
I will name it Narcissism, and it will be delicious.

5. To run my 5th and final half marathon in Lake Placid. 
After the second weekend in June, running and I will just be friends.

6. To make physical prints of every picture I cherish. 
Not on the computer. Not on disk. Actual, old school photo books all the way.

7. To finish that damn quilt.... 
this may require me to learn how to use a sewing machine.

8. To eat more green, less white for real this year, 
and do something everyday that could be considered exercise.
To be a good example for Elias.

9. To travel, explore, adventure every day;
 Whether it is in a book, out our front door, locally or globally.
To make everyday richer. 

10. To continue to make my family and true friends my priority; 
to laugh with them, to cry with them, to love them and to foster our relationships from a new place. 
To make every day, every week, every month brighter than last. 
*(Yes. I try.)

I wish you all a happy, healthy, fun, fulfilling, beautiful and delicious 2015!

Happy New Year!

ps. Today I plan to eat everything I see, drink everything in reach and not exercise one bit.
Just for the record.

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