November 20, 2015

Food for Thought

I just got an email from my gym that read "The average person gains 6-10 pounds over the holiday season..."

Let the holiday baking begin!

There is actually nothing special about this pie, but thought this was a cool shot.

Have a great Thanksgiving week dear friends!

November 1, 2015

Outstanding in the Field

Due to the fact that we live on a small (very) farm, my husband thought that going to eat dinner in the middle of a field with a bunch of strangers was the most ridiculous concept ever. 

That's why when the summer tour schedule of 'Outstanding in the Field' was launched,
 I bought myself a pair of tickets, for my birthday;
this way, there was no argument.
No asking.
No begging.
No agreeing.

So, with the date set, and the room booked, we set out for Sharon Springs, NY & The Beekman Farm on a beautiful summer day. 

Happy Birthday to me!

Look! There are our plates on top in blue!
I made these in Grad School, and couldn't have been happier to bring them to such an event.

The table is set!

Todd and I in front of The Beekman House



Look! I got him to smile!
The Menu

The Chefs & Outstanding in the Field Director

The highlight; meeting Brent and Josh of Beekman 1802; they were the most lovely, gracious hosts. So friendly and personable.
Thank you for signing all of my (your) cookbooks, and opening your home to us!

What a great time & one thing off of my bucket list.
Click here for their winter schedule:

Bon Appetit!