Fun Fetches and Deals

We All Scream
My son and I went on an ice cream date this past weekend, and instead of going to the regular road side stand, we ventured to an ice cream parlor that rarely has a crowd.
Truth be told, this is why I went there. 
I didn't want to add another kid to the crazed mix you often get at the regular stands. 
I just wanted to get the kid an ice cream and get out unscathed.
So, this could have easily been a miss, but it was a spot-on hit.
This seriously may be the best ice cream I have ever eaten. 
It was a step to the left of homemade whipped cream, and a step to the right of the season's freshest ingredients. 
With flavors like Raspberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Maple Bacon, and Salty Caramel, how can you go wrong?
Also, the family behind the counter was friendly, helpful and their children were working as hard as the adults...a feature that is always nice to see these days.
We left with full bellies and two half gallons to share.
If you are ever up in the Lake Wallenpaupack area, give these guys a drop in;
 You won't regret it one bit. 

My son, who is normally a strict chocolate fan, has declared that Salty Caramel is his new favorite.

Butta Makes Everything Betta!
Especially when it comes in log-form, straight from Lancaster. 
This butter, for my local friends, can be found at Gary's Meat Market, or at most large farmer's markets down toward Bethlehem; I would be willing to bet that for my Philly friends, Grand Terminal would be the place to find these giant logs of love.
It is creamy, sweet and, well...buttery! 
It has a lovely taste that makes noodles sing, and 
lobsters and clams...well, they don't stand a chance.
Peace out, Land o' Lakes!

Happy Clam-Bakin-+-Lobster-Crackin!

The Sketchbook Project
I may be a little late jumping on the bus, but I love this concept! 
As described, it is a taco truck meets a sketchbook library = awesomeness.
I could spend days upon days at one of these libraries, and might have to take a road trip to indulge my inner sketcher.
Now, the question; who is with me!?

Fellow art teachers, you can also enter your classes in this project! 
What a cool incentive or field trip;

And if you need a chaperone, you know who to call.

La Colombe Love Affair
After a long weekend of holiday festivities, these magic beans are going to make my percolator sing!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!
Now, back to reality.....

Whiskey Rocks
Monday mornings always call for coffee.
 And in this hot weather, iced coffee.
The only bummer about iced coffee is that it gets watered down when the temperatures rise.
So, I stole my husbands whiskey rocks, and they worked like a charm!
These little chunks of love are made to keep whiskey cold without seasoning, or watering down his whiskey, scotch or manhattans (etc.), so why not use them in other drinks!?
Works for me!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Not Your Ordinary Towels
On a super hot day, what is better than sitting back with your feet in the plastic kid pool, a cold beverage and a stack of magazines by your side, and the world's best patio towel?!
Not much, in my opinion.

These giant softies were given to me as a gift and I LOVE them! 
These are not your ordinary towels. 
In fact, upon arrival I entertained using them as blankets.


Thank you so much Jo and Laurance;
These will make our patio comfortable and chic for years to come!

Here is the link:

eeBoo does it again!
They have made another greatly illustrated, fun, mind-inspired game for both children and adults alike. 
This time, you create your own stories by looking at the illustrations and/or lining up a number of them to create a story line. 
These are great because there is no wrong answer and it encourages you to use your imagination.
Exercise those brains!
And did I mention the illustrations are hysterical?
Good. Honest. Fun.

I found these at Barnes and Nobles, but if you Google 'eeBoo' you will be able to find them at a variety of different sites. 
Check out their alphabet cards, and growth charts while you are at it, because they are great as well.
Have fun and happy story telling!

Ginger Love
I am not a big soda fan....well, unless I am at a movie theater and it comes from a fountain in a 42 ounce cup...but this ginger ale might be a front runner if I were to start drinking soda at home. 
My mother turned me onto this a few months back, so I was delighted when I found it at our local grocery store.
If you see it, give it a go. 
It has a really nice, clean, sweet taste.
And if you are like some people I know, it goes well with rum. 
Just sayin'....
Sippy Sippy!!

Best Donuts Ever
Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a great weekend! 
For all of you who ran, I hope the wind was at your back, and that the light drizzle kept you cool and fast.
I was lucky enough to celebrate this weekend with two short runs that were justified by the world's best donuts. 
If you are ever passing through the Adirondacks, this is one destination in Eagle Bay, New York
 that you don't want to miss! 
Get them while they are hot, and the the grease soaks the bag clear.
Can you hear the angels sing?!

I hope your week brings you much deliciousness!

It Tickles
Here is a fun fetch that I couldn't resist. 

Monday morning always calls for coffee, and this makes the beginning of the week that much more enjoyable. 

Have you been tickled today?

Documentation Station
I am an equal opportunity notebook lover; sketchbook, three-ring, moleskin, legal, standard, hardcover, softcover, tracing, graphing...
I could spend an hour in the notebook isle of any CVS alone. Get me in a stationary store and you will lose me for days.
My house is peppered with notebooks of all kinds. Some of them are overflowing, some of them are completely empty. 
They are all meant for something they just don't know it yet. 
Maybe my obsession stems from the fact that I kept a journal from around fifth grade all the way into my 20's, or maybe it is the art teacher inside me who cannot stress the importance of sketchbooks and journaling for reflection, development and self-therapy. 

I wonder what came first, the chicken or the egg?!

Nonetheless, I have recently re-discovered the notebook isle at, of course, Target, and much to my delight they have the cutest notebooks of all sorts.

Check out these puppies!

Three-Ring Binders To Store All Life's Stuff
Quickly and Easily:
(Labels Purchased from Michael's Art and Craft Store)

A New 3-Ringer for Your Favorite Recipes:

Two Preppies for Your Car or Purse:

A One-Line-A-Day Book for The Busy Journalist
(I would Call This a Mother's Dream Diary):

A Great Night Stand Diary or a Unique Spin on a Guest Book

Happy Journaling Everyone!
Now Go Get Your Write On!

Sniff This!

I am not a big perfumer. 
Maybe it is the fact that I almost blinded myself in college by accidentally spraying 'Cool Water' directly in my eyes one drunken night....or maybe it is the fear of smelling like a prostitute, or worse, an old hag...
Or the fact that most perfumes give me a splitting headache...
And, no, although I share most of my hippy friends' humanitarian beliefs, I do not share their love of patchouli.
So, for those of you who share my sensitive sniffing disposition, here are a few scents I have fetched that are unoffensive, gentle and nice.
Perfect for Spring.

A few of my faves:
Caudalies' 'Fleur de Vigne',
 No. 4711 
and any Lollia scents

Sniffy Sniffy!

Is that Spring I Smell!?
Or is it Red Jacket?
This all natural apple juice is fresh, clean and crisp. Unlike a lot of juices it is not overly sweet. In fact, it is a little tart, and if you pay attention it kind of tastes like lemons.
If you see it, pick it up. It is expensive, but it is a nice treat. 
Actually, it could be a great addition to your Easter Brunch. You could serve it solo, add a splash to your Prosecco for a spin on a Mimosa, or shake with ice and vodka and serve in a cold glass for a delicious apple-tini. Garnish with a slice of apple +/or a lemon peel and you are ready to rock.
Adam and Eve would be proud.
Happy Friday Everyone!
Have a great Easter!

Do any of you remember Adirondack Cola's "Citrus Frost?!"
Well, the soda gods have spoken, and have returned onto us a grown-up version of that bittersweet childhood drink. 
"Delicious, Clean, Refreshing and Natural" is 'Fever Tree's' claim...the exact opposite of  'Citrus Frost,' but I guess more socially acceptable in these health conscious days.
Although it is not that galactic green like years ago, and it contains a tenth of the sugar content as the original "Citrus Frost," this overpriced beverage acts as the perfect elixir for mixers, a bubbly mock-tail, or a quick hiccup cure. 
I hope you all have a great weekend! 

"Move Over Cream Cheese"
Check out this awesome fetch!
My mom exposed me to this stuff, and we should always listen to our mothers, right!? 
It rocks.
Greek yogurt and + cream cheese deliciousness. 
Half the fat and twice the flavor.
Look for it, you won't regret it. 
Happy Monday Everyone!


"Tuscan Traditions"
I normally make my own sauce, but in a pinch this upstate New York produced sauce trumps any other jar. 
I can never find it in the grocery store, but on a lucky day I can find it at Homegoods, Marshall's or TJ Maxx, and when I do, I clear the shelf.
 It is made in Liverpool though, so for my NY friends, you might have better luck at the stores up near the 'Cuse. 
For everyone else, keep your eyes out for this sauce. You won't be disappointed.
Oh, and Wegman's?! Another shout-out for upstate!
And ps. 'upstate' doesn't mean White Plains. There is actually an entire state on top of NYC.


"The Little Paris Kitchen"
One night my mom and I caught the tail end of a super-cute cooking show. 
Unfortunately, I didn't get the girl's name, and in this house at night the only shows running are Disney funded or Man-reality (think 'Pawn-Stars', 'Storage Wars'...etc...).
However, a month later, and to my great surprise, my mom showed up with her cookbook! 
Yay me! Thank you Mama!
This girl is adorably chic, and her recipes are simple, not fussy and approachable. 
I can't wait to cook!

Thanks Again Mom, I Love It!!
Great Fetch!

Make your girlfriends green with envy in these Saint Patrick's Day inspired kicks!

Ayden SandalsBaka Cut SlingbacksFloral Hayden PumpsMuleady Espadrilles

Dansko - Thea

Leather capri sandals with colored footbedEtta satin cap toe pumps
Slingback ballet flatsSeville wedge espadrilles

Toms for Us....
...And For Our Little Leprechauns

Happy Saint Patty's Day!
Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Kick up Those Irish-Inspired Feet!

What will you be wearing to celebrate this Saint Patrick's Day?!
Be brave ladies and break away from the denim and the shamrock-gilded-green t-shirts, and celebrate being a girl!
Dresses all around!
Check out these three fetching green finds.

Lousa Shift

It is not easy being Green!
But in these three fetches, it sort of is...
Just click on the links below each image to see the product details.
Top o' the mornin' to ya!

What makes most ladies happy
(besides losing 20 pounds, unconditional love or world peace (wink)?!
A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, right?!
 Well, here are a few fetching jewels in honor of Saint Patrick's Day that you could don all summer long!

Jolie NecklaceZinnia Bracelet

Glass petals necklaceBold stone bracelet



Now lets go and search for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so we can afford this crap...
Happy Saint Patty's Day!
(for product information just click on the link below each image)

This winter seems extraordinarily long, however here are some of the products that bring me joy after a cold day outside.
p.s. I am not a dermatologist...

Wholefood's 365 Daily Facial Cleanser 
(or Cetaphil):
I now use this to shave my legs during the winter months. Soap was irritating my already dry skin into a scratchy fit, but after reading 'The Pioneer Woman's' blog post about using non-soap based products, and a simple disposable razor to shave, I am now converted.
 My legs have recovered and I should be hot-to-trot for Spring!
Thank you Ree!
Sabon's Lemon Mint Body Butter:
Any of Sabon's products are luxurious, but I love the gentle scent of this body butter, and it is not oily so you can slather it on and not feel like a total grease bag.
Product Display for DDF Ultra-Lite-Oil-Free-Moisturizer-SPF 15
DDF Moisturizer and Toner:
My skin has always been a battlefield, but DDF products nourish, treat and heal. 
And if you are lucky, you can find them at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a fraction of the regular price!
Product Display for DDF Aloe Toning Complex
Affordable Sulfate-Free Shampoo:
I fell in love with Bumble and Bumble's sulfate free shampoo, but I can't justify spending that much money on suds. I was very happy to see that L'Oreal has now released a line of affordable sulfate-free shampoo for a happy scalp and a happy wallet!
Aveeno Baby Wash for Mama and Baby:
This wash has been a tub-side staple ever since my son was born. The scent has become ubiquitous with him, and when we travel this is the only wash/shampoo I pack for all of us. Whether it be a weekend get-away or a family vacation, it doesn't get much easier than just packing ONE all-encompassing item!

And here is an easy home remedy to make our complexions pretty. 
Enjoy Lovelies!

Raw Honey Face Mask 

(Recipe from Wholefood's Market)

Follow these simple steps for a cleansing mask that helps keep blemishes at bay.
4 1/2 teaspoons Organic Raw Wildflower Honey
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or lavender 100% essential oil (optional)

In a clean ceramic or glass bowl, combine honey with vinegar, juice or oil (if using). Using clean fingers, massage honey or the mixture over your whole face (avoiding the eyes). Allow to dry and become slightly tacky, and then pat and tap to get blood flowing to the surface of the skin. Remove with warm water.

For the past few years I have been searching for the ultimate pair of wellies, but unfortunately for me I have stumps for legs. 
I bought the cutest pair of red Hunter wellies a few years back, but they cut into my knees when I walked, and it took a pack of marines to get them on and off. One time I swore I might have to take a pair of scissors to those rubbery bitches.
Then I bought a pair of the 'Huntress' wellies (wider and shorter) and that was a complete disaster. They fit my fatties, but they also ended at the widest part of my calf...oy...a very unflattering look.
I entertained dieting, but that passed.
Regardless, fat legged friends, we can now rejoice!
 Hunter has come out with a tall wellie that has an adjustable back!
Now I can wear the tall look, even over my jeans, and actually get them on and off my feet!
They set me back a chunk of change, but if the shoe fits....

Happy Spring Shopping Ladies!
Don't let those thin-legged girls get you down!

This stuff is the real deal.
Plus, it is completely legal, and socially acceptable to drink in public!
My good friend Jo introduced me to this cold -brewed, crack-style deliciousness, and it is seriously serious. 
After a night of exceeding my limits, and an early morning toddler that thinks he is a super-hero, a mama needs a little assistance.
However, I do advise you to drink with ultimate caution. If you drink the entire bottle you won't sleep for weeks.
Where was this stuff in college?! 
Pure Black Cold Brew

Pure Black Cold Brew
Beckified and Jo?! I never thought of this as an option!??! Deliciousness!

Pure Black Cold Brew
100% Real. Just like me, bitches.

Happy Friday Everyone!
I hope you all have a super-hero style, energized weekend!

The new Food Network Magazine dedicated this month's issue to cheese!
'nuff said...

There are so many good looking recipes, including this beautiful Blue Cheese souffle!
Picture of Blue Cheese Souffles Recipe

Also, the issue includes 50 macaroni and cheese variations!


Introducing the world's best popcorn maker!
After using this bad-boy you will never eat microwave popcorn again, and dare I say the popcorn it makes triumphs movie theater popcorn?
Just add copious amounts of melted butter, kosher salt, and serve with a stack of napkins.
Heavenly movie night.
Now to settle the debate: Is Popcorn a Vegetable?!

I'm intrigued, but not necessarily convinced about the fun-ness factor of this one. 
Wine flavored tea?! 
I guess you could drink it at work, which makes it kind of fun....

What do you think?!

So I have been searching for sheets for my son's new big-boy bed for the past few months, and I can't seem to bring myself to spend the money on the super cute sheets at places like 'Serena and Lily' or 'Pottery Barn Kids.' 
Sure, they are darn cute, but the prices are crazy.
It would be one thing if he was fully potty trained, and I knew he would be in this bed for more than five seconds, but neither is the case, so I can't bring myself to spend the money. 
Anything over $50 for kid's sheets makes me slightly angry...c'mon people, really?! It isn't like we are talking 500 count Egyptian cotton, or silk, or king-sized sheets here, we are talking cotton, kid's sheets.
So, much to my great pleasure, I stumbled across these sheets guessed it...Target! 
They are so soft, and they come in all sorts of cute patterns, with matching blankets, throw pillows, carpets, lamps and other bedroom accessories. 
Oh, and did I mention they are on sale for $16.00 for full - sized sheets?!?!
I was so excited I bought two different sets... 
Here is the link!

Do you know what is fun?!
Certainly not doing laundry. 
However, saving a bunch of money on laundry detergent makes it a little bit more enjoyable. 
I read in a consumer report recently that 'Wisk Deep Clean' out-performed 'Tide,' and is up to 40% less expensive. Zoiks. 
So, I thought I would try it. I have tried other, less expensive detergents in the past, but I always return to Tide. I found that it really does clean the tougher loads better. However, I have now changed my stance. 'Wisk, Deep Clean' works great and is a lot cheaper! 
I am pretty excited that I will have more cash for things more enjoyable than laundry detergent...which is almost anything.
  Let us celebrate our thicker wallets!
Happy Monday Everyone!

Oh, and p.s., definitely pay attention to the level lines inside the caps. The caps are deceivingly large compared to how much detergent you need to use...damn the trickery...


I love the flavor of Starbuck's Chai Latte, but on mornings like this (snowy, cold, with child), I would rather drink toilet water than dress myself and Elias, and schlep myself downtown to the Starbuck's on Main.
Luckily, I found that Starbuck's sells their Chai in these perfect little recyclable containers. 

Since I don't have an espresso machine, I use my percolator to make super strong coffee; then I mix half coffee, half chai with a splash of 2%...ahhhh. Now I can relax with my little man in front of the fire, and spend this cold morning inside looking out.

Oh! Also, the mug is a Matt Burton design I bought after I took a ceramic workshop from him up at Peter's Valley a few years back. Matt makes incredible, fun stuff, and is actually teaching another workshop up there this coming summer. I would love to take another one of his workshops, and if you are interested, I suggest registering earlier rather than later as they book fast.

Check out his gallery/website, as well as the website for Peter's Valley below:

I know that is freezing cold outside, and the last thing from our minds is wearing anything other than cozy sweaters, extra leggings and wool caps, but some of the best sales are on as retailers try to get rid of last years leftovers. 
Here are a few of the things I've fetched!
Better than Crocs, in my opinion, these cute kicks come with interchangeable back-straps. Thank you!
If you have children and have never visited this site, you should. They send you daily deals on clothing, toys, shoes, books, cookware...I have found that the shipping is slow, but the deals are great. Check it out for your next vacation!

Nautical shirt from Target; Reminiscent of mini-Boden t's for a fraction of the cost at only $4.00!

City Threads swim trunks on sale from last season. $13.00 Baby!

The one vacation purchase I can't resist; Elias' mini-Boden Euro-swimmies. This is probably the last year we can get away dressing him in these adorable trunks, so I had to do it. These aren't on sale yet, but if you use the code "WAFL" during checkout you will get 15% off and free shipping! So cute. So, so, so cute.

Maybe we all can't live in, or visit tropical weather, but at least we will look cute and have a few extra bucks for some foo-foo drinks once the weather improves!
Get out there and fetch some savings!
Happy Freezing Rain Storm Everyone!

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