January 2, 2013

Birthdays Past: Brainstorming #3!

Alright, I know I tend to go a bit overboard with this stuff, but I can't help myself.
It is annoying. I know. I just. can't. stop.

 Elias' birthday is just two short weeks away and I've been thinking about his party since last year. He was only two, and he will never remember, but we just had cake. It was great in the sense that it was just the three of us, but it is always just the three of us, so it felt anti-climatic.
Here are a few of the images from our little man's past celebrations as we gear up for #3.

Elias' First Month Birthday Cakelettes...Baby Appropriate

First Birthday Party
"Cute as a Button + the Number 1" Themed Party

Birthday #2
Trucks, Cars and Excavators
(A Boy's Dream)

I can't believe our little man will be 3 years old in just two short weeks.
Stay tuned...brainstorming in full force...
Any and all fresh ideas are welcome!!!


  1. K,
    How did you make the placemats? Very cute!

  2. Whit, I bought a package of matching 'button' themed cardstock (I'm pretty sure at Michael's; Martha Stewart line?!) and drew, then cut out circles/the number one from each (using an exacto knife). Then, using modge-podge I pasted them on the alternating backgrounds. After they were assembled I laminated them so they could be wiped down after eating(staples/kinkos places like that will usually have a laminator if you don't have one at your office). It was a tedious project, but I still have them..just in case ;) If you want to borrow them for Rebekah's bday coming you could do a "#1" party; a play on the concept not the year of birth?!