Good Times


Due to the fact that we live on a small (very) farm, my husband thought that going to eat dinner in the middle of a field with a bunch of strangers was the most ridiculous concept ever. 

That's why when the summer tour schedule of 'Outstanding in the Field' was launched,
 I bought myself a pair of tickets, for my birthday;
this way, there was no argument.
No asking.
No begging.
No agreeing.

So, with the date set, and the room booked, we set out for Sharon Springs, NY & The Beekman Farm on a beautiful summer day. 

Happy Birthday to me!

Look! There are our plates on top in blue!
I made these in Grad School, and couldn't have been happier to bring them to such an event.

The table is set!

Todd and I in front of The Beekman House



Look! I got him to smile!
The Menu

The Chefs & Outstanding in the Field Director

The highlight; meeting Brent and Josh of Beekman 1802; they were the most lovely, gracious hosts. So friendly and personable.
Thank you for signing all of my (your) cookbooks, and opening your home to us!

What a great time & one thing off of my bucket list.
Click here for their winter schedule:

Bon Appetit!


Yesterday we had the best mini-vacation. 
We drove the rural routes three and a half hours north to the small town of Sharon Springs, New York.
So quaint.
So full of history and promise.
We stayed at this great little joint called 'The Nash," and it made our trip.
Once an old bank and general store, this wonderful couple has renovated it into an amazing gem.
The rooms were sleek, simple and very clean.
The restaurant had an amazing menu and wine list.
These people have taste.

But that isn't what made the stay.
The owner Jim made the stay;
He was so lovely, hospitable, fun and kind.
It was evening cocktails with him at their refurbished bar after our event that made the trip...

Thank you Jim and Norm for having us; 
the wonderful and plentiful wine, 
the gracious hospitality, 
the clean room to rest our heads,
 the top notch, farm fresh breakfast...all of it.

I wish that The Nash was closer because I would be there all of the time. 

I also wish we could have stayed for dinner! 
Breakfast was a sure indication that the meal would be ground shaking.
I guess we will just have to return!
To eat. 
To drink.
To play 'Cards Against Humanity'. 
To Enjoy Life.

ps. When you go, take a moment to look at the wooden floors.
Norm sanded the entire space by hand!!!

Pit of Germs

Just when I thought that a ball pit could not get any more disgusting....

...please. make. it. stop...

Dye Now, Wine Later
I usually do not like having shit thrown in my face, but this may be the exception.

Who knew that this concept would be so wildly popular!?

This relatively new, color-run phenomena is such a great way to bring people together; 
It is an un-timed (yay!), 
judgement-free (yay!), 
non-ability based (yay!), 
communal (yay!)
...and people throw shit at you. 
Packages of color-dyed cornstarch, to be exact. 

Funny right!?
Well, the originators of this tour hit the nail on the head;
People love it! 
All shapes, sizes, talents, and ages show up under the banner of fun.

Photo: So fresh and so clean clean!
Our clan before the onslaught!
So hot! So clean!

 I highly recommend doing this run the next time it rolls into a town near you. 
Grab a group of your favorite people, get jazzed up and have a blast!

Thank you Monica for suggesting this event, 
the awesome homemade t-shirts, and the post-race vino!

My only suggestions: wear clothes that can get stained, and don't plan any fancy events that following night...unless you don't mind showing up with tie-dyed skin...

Check it out!


Lake Placid Marathon 2014
We survived that hill in Lake Placid!

This graph doesn't justify the dramatic incline...

It is just a cruel joke that LP event coordinators play on all of us;
Just when you think you are finished, 
your gas tank is on empty, 
and your legs are about to burst into flames, 
they put the longest and steepest hill on the mile 12.5...

Nonetheless, we all finished and will probably be back for more punishment in 2015, 
because the setting, the group of great friends, and the after party make it all worth every second of pain.

Here is a little photo-documentary of our fun-filled marathon weekend:

We arrived!
I love this view
I'm ready!

The necessary gear...

Our celebratory glasses!
Cafe Press lets you customize your own without having to buy in bulk!

Candy Store Credit

The Haus' Warning Against Dangerous Fun...
Brown Dog Cafe Cigar Box Memorial
TKD '14!

How beautiful is Mirror Lake?!
What a perfect morning for a run!

We finished!
Missing Hilary!? :(

My athletic supporter!

Okay, so luckily I don't have to run to support my village,
but I did achieve my personal goal time,
and I shaved 20 minutes off of my time from last year!
Yay me!
Toot toot!
How the hill affected my pace...
so defeating...
Also, somehow my Map My Run app messed up, because I only ran 13.1...not 14.66, but this at least shows my steady slowdown..

Whiteface from the water;
A perfect place to celebrate!

My future summer home;
I'm sorry Erica, they accepted our bid first...

Cliff jump anyone!?
200 feet deep here! Wowza!

86 the Pouilly-Fuisse

Action Shot!

...and then this happened...

Cheers to 13.1!
I love this group!

Thank you Lake Placid for another great weekend!
See you in 2015!

ps. Dear Event Coordinators, 
Could you somehow get rid of that hill at the end?! 

My next event....

My Life
The things we do out of love;

Like, blowdrying my son's favorite stuffy after he brought him for a swim in the tub...

I was told that the dryer was too dangerous...

You will all be glad to know that 'Frizzle' is safe, sound and dry, as per Elias' request.

You tell me what is better than a seven mile run, 
a dirty iced chai latte with an extra free shot of espresso, 
a long overdue hair cut, 
free samples at Wegman's,
a sale at Athleta, 
and a Barnes and Nobles outing!?

All sans child!!?!

Not much, my friend...not much...

Captiva Bliss

I am finally back after a much needed, unplugged vacation. 

I feel very lucky to have been able to escape the snow and cold, feel the sun on my face and the sand underneath my feet.
After this long, snowy, freeeeezing winter, 
this was a much appreciated holiday.

Here are some photos to help piss off my northern friends.

Love you guys!

Good Morning Captiva!

No Snow = Happy Morning Runs!

Found Shell Art
Spread the word!
Poolside Heaven

Adventure Time!
Our own personal island.
I hope the boys come back for us....

Dude, find your own tree...

The shell tree we found!
We each added our own shell for good luck!

I couldn't resist....

The life of Elias, continued...

Look who got up on the first try!
This is not as easy as it looks!

Beach Nanny

Cabbage Key!
The most expensive Dixie cup of wine ever...

Fire Hazzard!

Thousands, upon thousands of dollars....


Happiness is a toddler...

One with the earth and sky

"Whatcha lookin' at Elias?!"

Lost in thought.
He sat by himself in the surf and watched the sun go below the horizon...
I wonder what he was thinking.
Goodnight Captiva Sun!

Now that you all officially hate me, 
I hope you have a great Monday!

Don't worry. 
I'm freezing again too. 
And I think there is a forecast of snow tomorrow....

Wine Tasting Extravaganza
Dare I say that I am wined out!?

I think I have finally done it!
No...never mind...not yet....

We attended our second wine tasting of the month last night and I am still full to the rim.

Holy food.
Holy wine.

As usual, Cale did an amazing job with his cheffing and wine pairing.

It was just so. much. food!

I wish I could have taken a to-go container without feeling like a total sow...

A Parting Gift!
Thank you Becks!

The End

If you ever get a chance to make the drive to Nazareth, PA, Beck's is the place to go.
Chef Cale does an amazing job on a regular basis, but he is truly able to show off his creativity and skills at these wine pairing dinners.
The sommelier is a total character 
(he swings a butter knife around like a sword when he is doing his presentations), 
but he is knowledgeable, tells a lot of great histories, and pours a heavy glass.

We will return again and again!
Thank you for another great dining experience Beck's!

Now I must juice for the next month.....

Karra Street
A wise woman once said, 
"I don't smell wine, I drink it"

Actually, this woman sat next to us at a wine tasting last night.

Her name was Ellen, no H

She has a point. 
Otherwise they would call it wine sniffing. 
And that wouldn't be much fun.

I am torn at posting this, as I am afraid that popularity will soar, but this was one spectacular fetch.

Twenty five dollars for a five course meal with wine that was above the top!

For my Pennsylvania friends, this is one local event that you will want to pencil in your calendar at some point.

They hold it every other month.

I can't say enough. 

Thank you Sarah Street and Doug for hosting one of the best meals I've had in Stroudsburg in a long time!

Inti and Shawnee Craft
The weekend is here and I was so excited that I decided to start celebrating a day early. 
Last night a group of awesome ladies and myself explored Shawnee on the Delaware. 
We started with a delicious Peruvian restaurant, Inti, and ended with a badass microbrew joint, Shawnee Craft.

Both, highly recommended.

If you are looking for someplace new and different, I highly recommend both. 
Inti's Peruvian menu is a fresh, cultural addition to the Stroudsburg scene. The atmosphere, cozy and clean. The people, kind and knowledgeable. The food, eclectic and tasty. 
Check out their site, and don't forget to byo!

Shawnee Craft is like an underground hub for hipsters and beer mongers. 
Cool. Accoustic. Organic. 
If you go, order the Bourbon Barrel Porter. 
Holy shit. 
It is like coffee and beer had a milkshake lovechild.
The perfect way to top off an evening, or relax after a day on the slopes.
Not that we have snow yet...or that I have gone skiing much in the last fifteen years...but if we were to get snow, and I were to start skiing again, this is where I would end my day.
I just see it.
It makes sense.
Go there, and you will understand!

Have a great weekend everyone!
See you on Monday, just in time for pre-holiday banter!

Greek Feast 2013
Our annual 'Feast' was this past weekend and we celebrated all things Greek-inspired, food and fun. 
For three days we cooked, ate, drank and competed in our very own Olympic events including
 'The Great Saltine Challenge' (who can eat 4 saltine crackers in a minute...try it! It isn't as easy as you think!), 
a full-fledged obstacle course (including goose hurdles and log rolls), 
a whipped cream race, 
archery, sharp shooting, rocket launching, and of course the never ending battle to get the highest score on 'Centipede.'
Here is a sampling of images from the feast-ivities!

ps. If you haven't done a log roll recently, you should give it a go. It shakes your brain, but makes you remember what is is like to be young again!
 Just be careful walking afterward...

Fun Facts About Greece
Koroneiki, Greek Inspired Olive Oil Favors

Symeon's Incredible Spice Rub
Used on the Pork Slouvaki
(Sadly, we gobbled it all up before I could get a picture!)
Red Wine Braised Goat with Radishes, Potatoes and Cauliflower Puree
Not Necessarily Greek, but Delicious Kale Chips
Paul's Homemade Pita...Incredible!
Greek Orzo
Tzatziki with Mint and Honey
According to Elias, Every Wine Glass Needs a Large Straw
Toga Toga Toga!!!!

Little Caesar

Fun on the Farm

A Toddler's Attempt at the Goose Hurdles
Annie Oakley
Jack Supervises the Log Rolls
The Dance Portion of the Obstacle Course
Pirouette Portion of the Obstacle Course
Trap Shooting
Goose Hurdles

Kathy's Awesome Greek Feast Medals

I sadly was not able to get photos of all of our food as I was too busy eating and laughing, but over the three days, this is what we cooked and ate:

Greek Orzo with Spicy Shrimp and Feta
Greek Spiced Pork Slouvaki
Marinated Baked Feta with Pita Chips
Homemade Pita
Braised Goat with Cauliflower Puree, Radishes and Potatoes
Mousakka with Bechamel
Grilled Tuna

Now, I must run five miles every day this week and eat only green vegetables...

Next year, we are going pan-Asian!...but we may have to keep the obstacle course for good measure.


Adirondack Love
Happy Monday and Welcome Back!

I just spent a glorious week with some of my favorite people in the world, and in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Check out these videos created by a local Old Forge photographer and cinematographer; Adirondack Mountain Productions. 
Great stuff.
If you look close enough you might find yourself, or some of your good friends doing SUP yoga, running, biking, boating, snowmobiling or skiing!




Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
It is going to be another hot one, so make sure you stay hydrated and relaxed; 
See Exhibit 'A' Below

Here are some fun-in-the-sun shots from my birthday this week...begging the question if I'm too old to be taking selfies....
Another year wiser!?!

Exhibit 'A'


Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a great weekend! 
For all of you who ran, I hope the wind was at your back, and that the light drizzle kept you cool and fast.
I was lucky enough to celebrate this weekend with two short runs that were justified by the world's best donuts. 
If you are ever passing through the Adirondacks, this is one destination in Eagle Bay, New York
 that you don't want to miss! 
Get them while they are hot, and the the grease soaks the bag clear.
Can you hear the angels sing?!

I hope your week brings you much deliciousness!

 Let's Meet at the Local Watering Hole!
I honestly could not have staged this any better. Thank you to my son for inspiring this Friday's post.
Everyone here was the cat.

Happy Friday Everyone!

After the longest winter ever, it is such a relief to get outside and enjoy the earth again. 
Here is a quick snap I took this weekend of the maiden canoe voyage of this season.

Did I mention that I love my iPhone?

Is that white wine season I smell knocking at my door!?

I believe it is!

I hope you all have a great weekend filled with all things Spring!

If This Isn't A Fun Fetch, I Don't Know What Is... 

Thank you Starbucks for Making Our Experience That Much More Fun!

(And a sincere apology to a girl named 'Kitty' for accidentally sip-tasting your drink. 
I honestly thought it was mine....)

Fishy Fun!?

So, last year I made a resolution that I would learn how to fillet a fish. 
I didn't....kind of on purpose...  
So I remade the resolution this year.
I figure if I'm ever going to be any kind of cook, I need to learn such things. 

Typically you would skin a catfish, but with a little help from my husband and friends, I gave filleting a go...

I was enthusiastic, but a surprising sissy throughout the entire process. It was disgusting, and unbeknownst to me, catfish are tough as shit. 

Here is a little photo spread of the experience.

Stage One: Reluctance/Dread
(Check Out the Size of That Thing!)
Stage Two: Learning
Stage Two, Part II: Still Learning
Stage Three: Crying
Stage Four: Re-Learning
Stage Five: Crying Again
Stage Six: Re-learning. Again.
Stage Seven: Being Mocked
Stage Eight: Still Being Mocked...
Stage Nine: Stone Cold Fish Killer!

So I didn't do such a stellar job. 
In fact, I made quite a mess of that beast, but I did it nonetheless. 
I filleted my first fish. 
We fried it and it was delicious. 

Thank you!

Top Chef or BUST!
For all of you addicted to 'Top Chef,' like I am every single season, who do you think will win?!
I am super excited for tonight's finale, but my heart is torn! 
Brooke or Kristin?! 
Truth be told, I kind of have a bit of a girl crush on both of these bad-ass chefs...

Regardless, we are sitting tight, pouring a glass of Top Chef inspired "Terlato" wine, waiting for the frenzy of fast-paced, ingredient-packed, pressure-filled cook off to begin......

(ps. Terlato is on sale at all PA liquor stores right now!!)

Let the best chef-testant win!

A nice glass of "Cult" Cabernet in a toddler proof glass + a stack of funny scenario cards = A great way to start the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Remember that half of that shit you are about to buy will be on sale in two weeks!


The Perfect Use for a Yoga Mat

This was my use for the mat this morning. After a gluttonous yesterday of turkey, stuffing, and wine, I managed to dedicate a few minutes of private time to catch up on a few mags, drink my coffee, and reflect on all of the things I am thankful for; my health, my family and friends, a beautiful world, memories of those lost and loved...

Thank you sweet life.

Maybe I should be working on my centering instead of blogging....


Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
Bottoms Up!
Carb Loading for the Lake Placid Half Marathon, 2012

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