February 22, 2013

HapPy FRidAY!

This stuff is the real deal.
Plus, it is completely legal, and socially acceptable to drink in public!
My good friend Jo introduced me to this cold -brewed, crack-style deliciousness, and it is seriously serious. 
After a night of exceeding my limits, and an early morning toddler that thinks he is a super-hero, a mama needs a little assistance.
However, I do advise you to drink with ultimate caution. If you drink the entire bottle you won't sleep for weeks.
Where was this stuff in college?! 
Pure Black Cold Brew

Pure Black Cold Brew
Beckified and Jo?! I never thought of this as an option!??! Deliciousness!

Pure Black Cold Brew
100% Real. Just like me, bitches.

Happy Friday Everyone!
I hope you all have a super-hero style, energized weekend!


  1. And me! Bitches...
    Oooooo yum! Yum! Perfect hair of the dog... and kinda like breakfast, filling.

  2. Wait is that also chocolate?! Holy crap yum!

  3. Where or where do you buy this?!

  4. Hey Whit!
    My friend Jo usually brings it up from Philly when she comes, but you can order it right from that link I provided. It is so great. You will LOVE it! If you want, I'll split a case with you!?