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Who doesn't love red wine?!
No friend of mine!

Here is another fun one for the Food Series I've been having a good time with over the last few months.
Made primarily with gouache and red wine concentrates, this is a fun one for any oenophile!

Gouache, Red Wine Concentrates

If you get close enough you can smell it...but please don't lick.

Enjoy 'Vino,' and the other paintings from my Food Series at Five Corner's Cafe all winter!

The best way to get back into drawing and painting after a hiatus, in my opinion, is to do a quick contour drawing. 
I used to have so much fun doing these simple technique building activities with my 
Drawing students of all levels;
the trick is to not look at your paper when you are drawing something (look at the object)...and to take it a step further, make one continuous line by not picking up your drawing tool.
Try it!

Here, I did peak at the paper for composition sake, 
and then used simple gouache paint and fine tip markers for pops of color.

Can you follow the line in each section?!

Wouldn't this look pretty in a little girl's room!?

Food Series

I am so delighted to send these babies off to Old Forge, New York to be exhibited at Five Corner's Cafe this Fall!

This series is more whimsical than a lot of my past work, and draws from my love of food and gardening. 
You will see that I've actually incorporated natural dies made from concentrations of coffee and alcohol in the painting process, and stay tuned as I am working on a few more pieces that are made strictly with natural dies. 

Come see them for the "First Friday Artwalk," and then again all winter!

"Roots I"
Mixed Media: Gouache, Graphite, Concentrations of Coffee, and Vodka on Canvas

"Circus Harvest"
Mixed Media: Gouache, Graphite, and Vodka on Canvas

Mixed Media: Gouache, Graphite, Concentrations of Coffee and Vodka on Canvas

"Roots II"
Mixed Media: Gouache, Graphite, Concentrations of Coffee, + Vodka on Canvas

"Bumper Crop"
Digital Photograph Taken on iPhone 5s

"Tomato Spectrum"
Digital Photograph Taken on iPhone 5s

"Roots III"
Digital Photograph Taken on iPhone 5s

Digital Photograph Taken on iPhone 4s

"Adirondack Spring"
Mixed Media: Gouache, Oil, Alcohol and Salt on Canvas

Thank you Paul and Kathy for exhibiting my work again this Fall and Winter!

I love seeing my work in my favorite restaurant!

For those of you not in the know, check them out; it is hands down the place to stop for dinner and drinks if you are in Old Forge:

See you guys there!

Label Everything!
 Okay, okay, one more Sculpey craft project
...or two...or three...
ah hell, who am I kidding!?! 
Get used to these regular Sculpey projects people...
Especially now that I've rediscovered labelling.

When I was teaching high school, my students used to make fun of me because I would label everything.
Tiny signs everywhere.
Signs labelling the paint brushes.
The paint.
The supply table.
The class folders.
The ceramic racks.
Everything had a place and every place had a label.
I can hear their voices now saying "uhh, Ms. Clark, is this the SINK!?" as they would point teasingly at my sign reading 'sink.'
Ha. ha. ha.
In my defense, some sinks were strictly for hand washing, others for paint brush washing, others for clay cup washing etc. 
In the art room it was all about control! 
(laughter abound!)

Well, anyway, here is where my two worlds collide; 
One, my current obsession with Sculpey, 
and two, my obsession with labelling things.

Taaa daaaa!

Decanter labels for PKR

Step one: roll Sculpey into balls
Step two: form into elongated ovals
Step three: flatten them out with the palm of your hand or a rolling pin...or a wine bottle works ironically well here!
Step four (not shown): Stamp labels and make holes with a tooth pick
Step five: bake per package instructions
Step 6: Brush with mod-podge to protect and seal, allow to dry, and string with ribbon.

You can find the alphabet, number and symbol stamps at any craft store in a variety of sizes and fonts.
Sadly, after buying these, I found the same exact size and font stamps at Walmart for $1.00;
a fraction of what I paid.
 Effing Walmart.



Cheese please!

Name labels for party favors

Irish Creme and Cafe Rica
Adult libations for my son's birthday party

Poor Todd will come home sometime soon after all of these snow days to find everything in our home labelled.
I can see it now!
Imagine the damage I can do in the kitchen alone!

Sculpey label heaven!

Getting Crafty!
Look at how productive we were this weekend!

Our dearest friends came to visit, 
which is always the best because we eat, drink and laugh from sun up to sun down.
This time, however, Kath knocked the entertainment portion out of the park with this super easy, super fun, super beautiful art project. 
It was initially meant to provide the kids with an activity, but it hooked the adults instantly.

A new addiction has been born.

Look how beautiful!

One of my faves...

Another fave...
This one glows in the dark too!

My first attempt...

So easy even a four year old can do it;
These are Elias'!

Another one of Elias'!

I am so excited about this project, that I fully plan on running to Michael's tomorrow to purchase a gazillion dollars worth of Sculpey (which, by the way is on sale; buy one get the 2nd at 50% off).

Now you all know what you are getting for Christmas.

Here is the awesome blog/link we referenced and used:


October Exhibits and Events

Hi Friends!

This Autumn is exhilarating. 

Not only am I the feature artist at Five Corner's Cafe in my hometown of Old Forge, New York, this month,
but I will also be there all winter season!

So, if you missed the First Friday Art Walk last night, you can stop in anytime this Fall or Winter to view my new oil series!

Also, we are hosting a first of hopefully many art and food events this month.
This month's event will be based on Post-Impressionism, and will also be hosted in my hometown:

Art on a Carte
A Traveling Studio Where Art, Food and Friendships Gather

is hosting our first collaborative event at 5 Corner's Cafe in Old Forge, NY this month!

Vincent van Gogh
Oil on Canvas

 Sunday October 19th.

Join us for an afternoon of drawing, painting and art history, 
and create your very own rendition of 
Vincent van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers’ (1888)

1:00 - 4:00

All supplies, light fare and wine included

*Absolutely no experience necessary!

Then, join us for a delicious evening of classic French cuisine inspired by van Gogh’s life and Post-Impressionism


Four Courses, French Wine & Art History

Space is limited, so grab your friends and reserve your spot now!
You can join either event, attend just one if you wish, or just stop in to see the artwork and grab a glass of wine!

We hope to see you there!

Once again, I have to shout out a special and sincere 'Thank you!' to Paul and Kathy of Five Corner's; 
There is no place on earth I would rather exhibit my work and host a first event like this. 
Your food, atmosphere and friendship are unparalleled. 
To be working beside you once again after all of these years is the perfect marriage of my art life and my food life. 
I am honored and exhilarated to start this adventure, but more so because you are where it began twenty years ago when you took me in at Van Auken's.
You are my mentors, friends and family.

Love you guys!
Let's do this!

For those of you not in the know here is their link:

Also, for my Pennsylvania friends, stay tuned for information on my November gig at Sarah Street! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

The New Montana Series
Here is a preview of a new series of abstracted paintings I completed over the past several weeks.
Inspired by our family trip this summer, I pulled from colors, textures and emotions reminiscent of Montana.

I hope you enjoy them!

Oil on Canvas

"Morning Run"
Oil on Canvas

"Mountain Pond"
Oil on Canvas

"Big Sky Country"
Oil on Canvas

"Glacial Riverbed"
Oil on Canvas

These photos were taken under a florescent light, 
in the deep dungeon where I am frantically trying to get them to dry before they leave to show; 
this dulls the color and subtle nuances of texture...
Sadly, florescent light tends to not do any of us any favors...
so, while you wait for me to produce stronger photographs, 
you may just have to come see them for yourself at 5 Corners Cafe in Old Forge, NY this Fall/Winter!

And better yet, you can enjoy them with a glass of wine and a plate (or two, or three) of incredible food! 


Now that my son is back in school, and I have a moment or two to myself, it is time for me to bust out some new work.

Here is a glimpse of a new series I just began.
I'm pushing back towards abstraction, 
a place I always feel most expressive.

Although still in progress this one is titled 
"Big Sky Country"
Oil on Canvas

I hope you guys like my new series!
If you want to come see it, up close and personal, it will be on display at 5 Corners Cafe starting in October through the winter season!

So here is a serious oldie;
circa 1999-2000ish to be more accurate. 

I love these older, whimsical pieces!

Mixed Media on Canvas
Owner: CFC

Detail Shot

This piece hung in my first apartment and reminds me of my broke, graduate study years when thin canvasses or canvas paper, chalk, watercolor and inexpensive acrylics were my only comfortable media options.

I love the stories these subtle details tell, and the memories they invoke.

Welcome home old girl.

Filter Fun
The other day as my son bounced his little heart out on the trampoline, I couldn't help but capture the awesome sky...

What a gorgeous evening.

I had so much fun with the different filters!



Jazzed up!

One of the originals

Filter #1

Filter #2

Filter #3

Filter #4
My favorite!

Per standard, I could not make up my mind which one to post, so I decided to share them all with you!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
In the rare event that our precipitation isn't frozen these days, you might be able to catch something like this on your sunroof....

Or, rather, your lack-of-sun roof...

Cool beans!?!

This image was taken with my trusty iPhone, and filtered in Instagram.

Icy Icy
Well, Wednesday was pretty dreary, and I felt like sticking a pencil in my eye around 2:30....anotherrrrr snow day!?! 
They used to be so grand when I was a teacher, but now that it means I am stuck inside with a toddler for another day it makes me want to scream.
Especially when the roads are clear and there is not a cloud in site.
Give me a break!

Okay, I'll stop complaining.

Well, yesterday as Mr. Golden Sun came to visit I was reminded to not be such a bitch...
It was very pretty.

Thank you for the balance Mother Earth!

Look at this ice!
It shimmered like gemstones.
It was the type of snow that a toddler could walk across with ease. 
The ice that formed on top was the perfect layer of glass. 
For me, or anyone over 38 pounds, however, it was the type that you crash through and kill your shins with every step. Ouch!

Well, at least it was pretty!

Bring on the weekend!
Have a great time out there!
Stay warm and enjoy the season....

Warm Your Soul
So last week we made the pilgrimage up to the Adirondacks for some winter fun. 
Sledding, skiing, eating, drinking...
It was cold as shit, so we stayed inside most of the weekend, but I did get to drop off some new paintings at Five Corners!

There is no better place to get a great glass of wine and a warm meal before heading back out into the cold.

So, if you are up for a road trip, or you are one of my faithful northern readers, stop in to see my work! 
This series should warm your bones.

Gouache, Salt and Sugar on Canvas

'Leaf Pile'
Gouache, Ink, Alcohol and Salt on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Thank you PKR!

We can't wait to come back to eat and drink some more!

"Smiley Rainbow"
"Look Up Mama! There is a smiley rainbow!"
It sometimes takes a toddler to remind you to pause and look around one in awhile.

What a beautiful start to the weekend!

Photo: "Look up Mama! It is a smiley rainbow!" It is going to be a good weekend!

Taken through my sunroof with my trusty i Phone.
Don't worry, we were parked!

Have a great weekend everyone!

With all of the snow days, holidays and cancellations over the past few months I feel like I haven't had much time to myself (wa...poor me...), 
but I did manage to squeeze in some quality painting the other day!

This baby is making the trip up to the Adirondacks to show with my other paintings at Five Corner's Cafe, in Old Forge, New York. 

She is a big girl!
I can't wait to see her on the wall!

Oil on Canvas

Also, if you are hungry for a great, clean meal, personal hospitality, some groovy art, and maybe a few glasses of wine, Five Corner's is the place to be!

We hope to see you there!

Mid - January Gloomy Beauty

It has been pretty cold, drizzly and damp out there the past couple of days, but as the fog rolled in yesterday I captured these shots.

Sometimes you can find beauty in things if you are just willing to shift your perspective.

Stay warm friends!

The Winter Solstice

"Live each season as it passes; 
breathe in the air, 
drink the drink, 
taste the fruit, 
and resign yourself to the influence of the earth." 

- Henry David Thoreau

A quote for this winter's solstice. 
Have a great weekend everyone.

Winter is officially here!

*Image, again, taken with my trusty iPhone. 
The best gift I gave myself this year. 

Winter Sunset
On another cold and snowy day, it is moments like this that warm our senses.
Thank you Mother Earth for keeping us in balance.

I took this shot after our first snowfall. 
Now that it is apparent that winter is here to stay, I have to suck up these moments every chance I get.


Think Warm Thoughts
On frozen days like today, I like to look at images like the ones below to warm me up.

I hope you are all staying toasty in these sub-zero temps!

I took these images a few months back from our back patio. 
You can almost feel the warmth!

Think warm thoughts, think warm thoughts.....

Beautiful Fall Day in Historic Bethlehem
I took this a few short weeks ago.
It was a perfect day to go for a walk through historic Bethlehem.
The sun was shining. The leaves were glowing. The temperatures were mild.
And because it was an early week day, it felt like I had the town to myself.

I love you Fall. See you next year.

Again, this was taken with my trusty iPhone.
The wedding date is set.

A Borrowed Day
What a moment in time.
Thank you mother nature for another beautiful evening.

Once again, I took this with my trusty iPhone.
The love affair continues...

Leaf Pile
I am overly excited that one of my great old friends has reached out to purchase one of my paintings! 

This large canvas is going to make the long trip to Washington State after making a showing at Five Corner's Cafe this winter.

I am so proud that another work is going to a great home. There is nothing more rewarding than not only having my good friends like my work, but to take one in as their own is like an adoption.

I couldn't be happier!

"Leaf Pile"
Gouache, Salt and Alcohol on Canvas

If you are interested in purchasing a work for your home, or would like to request a price list, please contact me via my Facebook link, or email me at

Thank you guys again and again for your support!

On a rainy, dreary day like today, images like the one below cheer me up....
ya, not really.
they make me want to jump on a plane...

Stay warm and dry today folks!

Naples, Florida
Taken with my beloved iPhone + souped up with Instagram
Set Design + Effects: Elias

October 2013 - Winter 2013 Exhibit

If you didn't get a chance to make it to Five Corner's Cafe for October's 'First Friday Art Walk,' here are some images of my work that is being exhibited. 

Paul and Kathy are always so supportive of me and my work, and I love seeing it in their space.
I couldn't imagine a better gallery; 
great atmosphere, great food, great people!

My work will be up through the winter, so stop by, grab a glass of wine, a delicious, clean plate of food, and enjoy!

"Before Winter"
Gouache and Salt on Canvas

Stay tuned as I introduce new pieces to this exhibit!
There is more to come!

Have a great week everyone!

Adirondack Fall Photos
This time of year feels like a big hug.

I was lucky enough to escape North for a few days last week, sans child, to take in the sights and enjoy a gorgeous Autumn drive with my mom.

Here are a few of the shots I took along the way.

You will see some repetition as I played with different filters and exposures, and as you know, I am not good at editing myself...

I hope you enjoy viewing this photo gallery as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

My Favorite View

Morning Sun
Near Raquette I
Near Raquette II
Near Raquette III

Near Raquette III in b/w
Raquette Lake
Raquette in b/w
Raquette Lake...again
...and again
...and again...

...and again...
On Our Way to Saranac
High Peaks in the Distance!

Mirror Lake

The Olympic Ski Jumps

The High Peaks in the Fall
(It doesn't get any more beautiful than this...)

This makes me entertain golfing...
High Peaks with Ski Jumps Again

The End...

If I could bottle and sell the feeling that Fall brings I would be a rich woman.

Drink it up!

I hope you are enjoying Autumn!

September Campfire View
It has been a little hot the past few days, but as we cling to the last days of summer, we have been maximizing our porch time.
I hate to wish it away.
It will be cold soon enough.
Here is a shot I took this week, pre-marshmallows.
Taken from my beloved iPhone and cropped on Instagram.

What is your favorite photo app?!
We'd love to hear fresh suggestions!

This little guy is now a part of our family. 
He is a constant fixture on our porch, and we welcome his regular visits.
He is small, but he is a badass. 
I never knew that hummingbirds could be so mean to one another, but apparently they are very territorial. We even saw him take on a wasp the other day. 
We don't let people mess with our food in these parts!

Taken with my Nikon SLR; No Filter

Here are two fun snaps I took off of our deck a few weeks ago.
And yes, those are real fish.
No photoshop tricks here folks; wanna come for a swim!?

Taken with my iPhone 4s with filters

July 2013

1, 2, 3...

Taken with my iPhone 4S + filtered
July, 2013

Collage and Oil on Canvas
Text from Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'
Detail  Shot

"Everson Panel III: Organic Abstraction"
Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache, Pastel and Oil Pastel on Canvas)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Pinterest had me tempted to make elaborate eggs this year...but then I looked at the three year old across the table and thought differently. 
Here are a few of the characters we made by simply using food coloring in different concentrations and a medicine dropper.
Maybe next year we will go for detailed decorations....

Here is another oldie from the vault. 
I woke up inspired to start painting a new series this week. I am thinking less abstract and watercolors...stay tuned...
Organic Abstraction II
Mixed Media on Canvas

It is Egg Hunting Time Again!
Time to run out and buy dozens of eggs to decorate and hide, and hope for a cooler day so that they don't spoil before your toddler finds them all.
(Did somebody say egg salad?)
This year, think past the store bought kits, get yourself some regular food coloring and go to town. 
Here we just dipped and poured regular food coloring over hard boiled eggs in different concentrations to get an Abstract Expressionist type of effect.
Have fun with it!
So easy even a caveman...I mean a toddler...can do it!

Jackson Pollock Fans Rejoice!
Happy Decorating!

I made this box as an example for one of my ceramic classes. The lid warped in the kiln, so it doesn't fit quite right, but I still love seeing it on my shelf. It reminds me of my class and the funny conversations we used to have.
I miss you girls!

Here are some fun ceramic containers I made a few years back. 
I wish I had better glaze, but I still adore seeing them on my counter every morning.
Happy Monday y'all!

Those are supposed to be coffee beans on the lid...but they kind of look like deer poops, don't they?!

Coffee or Tea?

Oil and Collage on Canvas
24 x 56

Detail of Text by Nancy Woods

This is an oldie, but one of my faves.
It was actually an example I made for a unit on organic shapes and cool colors, and it started an entire series of organic abstractions.
I love the whimsy of these first pieces, unfortunately something that got lost with the repetition of this theme, but appreciate looking back. 
Plus, the cool colors match our playroom perfectly!
Oh, and the fact that my son refers to it as "Mama's fun painting!?!"
Organic Abstraction
Mixed Media on Canvas
(Primarily Gouache, Pastel, Oil Pastel and Ink)

Here is a last minute shot of the roses I bought myself last weekend. Sadly they are dying already, but aren't they pretty!?

Here is a poem for your Tuesday morning:

Roses are Red
Violets are Not Blue
Violet is Synonymous with Purple
You Fools

I spotted these two great wall pieces in Milford, PA a few years back, and thought they were gorgeous. 
I loved the grand size, scale and symmetry of these large welded designs, and the craftsmanship was flawless. They must have individually weighed at least one hundred pounds, but they were so delicate and feminine at the same time.
I had to snap them.
How fun would they be hanging in an outdoor entertaining spot?!
Yes, please!

"Horizon Line: Abstract Skyscape"
Oil On Canvas, 2012

"Passing Storm"
Oil on canvas  (36x84)

This large work is another painting from my abstracted landscape series last year;
All of these paintings are symbolic of life, health and the passage of time.
This time last year was just the beginning of what was to become the largest storm our family faced, and now, more than ever, I am thankful for my mom, my husband, my baby, my brother and sister, and all of their extended families.
Let each year be more joyous than last. 

Candy Apple Inspiration
Epsom Digital Print (24 x 36)

It seems like every Fall cooking and entertaining magazine this past year had recipes and beautiful images of candy apples. 
I personally don't care to eat them, but aren't they pretty?! 
I took this photo at the New Jersey State Fair a few years back and think it would look great framed in a kid's bedroom or playroom. 

"Hold On"
Oil and Collage on Canvas (36 x 42)
Text by Nancy Wood
Detail Shot of Text by Nancy Wood
"Hold onto what is good;
Even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold onto what you believe in;
Even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold onto what you must do;
even if it is a long way from here.
Hold onto my hand
Even when I have gone away from you"
"Winter at Green Bridge"
Oil and Collage on Canvas (36x42)
Text by James Joyce, "The Dubliners"
Detail of text from Jame's Joyce 'The Dubliners'
"They lived and laughed and loved and left"

With this holiday season upon us, I can't help but think of those loved and lost. This quote is inscribed on Bill's gravestone.
He will be deeply missed this holiday season and forever.
Abstract Landscape 
Oil on Canvas
Approximately 36 x 54



Mixed Media (Primarily Oil on Board); (36' x 36')

Text from T.S.Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
This work was constructed with my mother at heart. I used T.S.Eliot's poem 'The Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock' because it is one of her favorite poems, and the application of paint is reminiscent of "the smoke that slides along the street," representing the passage of time. This is one of my favorite pieces and has a permanent place in our home.

Blind Contour Self Portrait

This is an exercise in observation. Use only one continuous line, and try to look only at what you are drawing (not the paper). This was one of the first exercises I would do with my drawing classes, and the purpose is to get people to look at what they are drawing, not at their paper. Try it! It doesn't necessarily have to be a self portrait, you can try it with any object on your desk. It is a fun diversion from work, especially if you have a case of the Monday blues...

"Campfire Reflection"
Oil on Canvas (36 x 42)

"Late Summer Near Little Safford"
Oil on Canvas (36 x 48)

Oil and Collage on Canvas (24x36)

Detail; Text found in Meghan O'Rourke's memoir "The Long Goodbye."

This is another piece from my newest series of paintings. Meghan O'Rourke's memoir kept me company during a difficult time, and I wanted to merge this quote she shared with a painting that I could hang in our home. I purposefully kept the font small so that the viewer is forced to get close to the canvas in order to read the text, and get more intimate with the details of the rising and falling of words and brush strokes.

"Adirondack Spring"
Oil on Canvas,(36 x 48)

This is one of my first paintings of 2012, and one of my first paintings since I gave birth to my son (almost 3 years ago). More realistic than most of my older works, I have found great peace with this series. I found myself in an artistic rut, and this work helped skip me out.
I can almost feel and smell that Adirondack air.

Abstract Landscape
Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Chalk on board

This piece is an oldie, but one of my favorites. One of my larger works, it is approximately 36 x 60, and owned by two of my favorite people. There is nothing I love more than seeing my work in a good home, and being able to visit it over delicious food and wine, great conversation, and guaranteed belly laughs.

Oil, Pastel and Ink on Wooden Board, (24x36)

Study Using 100 Lines + Value:

"100 Lines and Value Study"
Graphite on paper; (18 x 24)

Detail Shots:


I made these examples for a drawing class that I taught. Students had to create a design using 100 lines, then they had to go back and add value (shades of grey) to the designs that they created. 
Try it! 
It is a great exercise in shading, plus it is very relaxing...or torturous depending on who you ask...I am sure some of my students would attest to this. :) I love you guys!

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