August 21, 2015


Yesterday we had the best mini-vacation. 
We drove the rural routes three and a half hours north to the small town of Sharon Springs, New York.
So quaint.
So full of history and promise.
We stayed at this great little joint called 'The Nash," and it made our trip.
Once an old bank and general store, this wonderful couple has renovated it into an amazing gem.
The rooms were sleek, simple and very clean.
The restaurant had an amazing menu and wine list.
These people have taste.

But that isn't what made the stay.
The owner Jim made the stay;
He was so lovely, hospitable, fun and kind.
It was evening cocktails with him at their refurbished bar after our event that made the trip...

Thank you Jim and Norm for having us; 
the wonderful and plentiful wine, 
the gracious hospitality, 
the clean room to rest our heads,
 the top notch, farm fresh breakfast...all of it.

I wish that The Nash was closer because I would be there all of the time. 

I also wish we could have stayed for dinner! 
Breakfast was a sure indication that the meal would be ground shaking.
I guess we will just have to return!
To eat. 
To drink.
To play 'Cards Against Humanity'. 
To Enjoy Life.

ps. When you go, take a moment to look at the wooden floors.
Norm sanded the entire space by hand!!!

August 17, 2015

Coloring Books Aren't Just for Kids, Right!?

Oh dear...
Here comes another addiction.
Watch out.

In my futile attempt to unplug, I dug out a coloring book I purchased a few years ago, along with my son's Crayolas and went to town.
Then, due to the fact that I am obsessive and detail oriented, I went out and bought a fancy-dancy set of fine tip markers and a few advanced coloring books.
What a great fetch!

It sounds cheesy, but this is really relaxing and therapeutic. 

You can tell that I obviously didn't unplug 100%...hence the numerous photos and Instagram posts documenting my new found obsession.

But, at least I didn't max out my data...

I even relinquished control and gave Elias a chance!

This boy.
You can tell he means business when the tongue comes out!

...I had to include this one...

So, in all seriousness, this is officially my new hobby, and I can't recommend it enough. 

Now you all know what you will be getting for Christmas....

And if you can't wait for the holidays, 
you can purchase these coloring books on Amazon or at any Barnes & Nobles, and it is definitely in your best interest to pick up a high quality set of fine tip markers at any arts and crafts store (AC Moore, Michael's)...and don't ever pay full price! 
They always have sale coupons in their flyers or online. Most times you can get at least 40% off. 
Regardless, if you invest in a good set they will give you the most control over details, better results, and will last forever.


August 14, 2015

Local Flair + Art a la Carte

I never win anything, so I feel the need to shout this from the roof-tops.

A gallery in our town had a foodie-photo contest named 'Art a la Carte;' 
intrigued by the name, and my inherent competitive nature, 
I entered a number of photos just to see if any might be of notice.

Much to my delight I was selected as a winner!
Yay me!
Pick up the most recent edition of 'Local Flair' magazine to see not only my photo, but the images of the other winning photos as well.
Or better yet, drop by 'Soho in the Burg' on Main Street to see the images in person!

Taken + filtered on my iPhone 5s using Instagram

Celebrating with my man at Quench

The Harvest Issue of Local Flair Magazine;
Pick it up and turn to page 16:)

The owner of Soho in the Burg took the cover shot!
It matches my super yummy green juice!

Thank you Local Flair Magazine and Soho in the Burg for such a fun contest!