August 21, 2015


Yesterday we had the best mini-vacation. 
We drove the rural routes three and a half hours north to the small town of Sharon Springs, New York.
So quaint.
So full of history and promise.
We stayed at this great little joint called 'The Nash," and it made our trip.
Once an old bank and general store, this wonderful couple has renovated it into an amazing gem.
The rooms were sleek, simple and very clean.
The restaurant had an amazing menu and wine list.
These people have taste.

But that isn't what made the stay.
The owner Jim made the stay;
He was so lovely, hospitable, fun and kind.
It was evening cocktails with him at their refurbished bar after our event that made the trip...

Thank you Jim and Norm for having us; 
the wonderful and plentiful wine, 
the gracious hospitality, 
the clean room to rest our heads,
 the top notch, farm fresh breakfast...all of it.

I wish that The Nash was closer because I would be there all of the time. 

I also wish we could have stayed for dinner! 
Breakfast was a sure indication that the meal would be ground shaking.
I guess we will just have to return!
To eat. 
To drink.
To play 'Cards Against Humanity'. 
To Enjoy Life.

ps. When you go, take a moment to look at the wooden floors.
Norm sanded the entire space by hand!!!

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