March 18, 2015


Mark your calendars!


AOAC @ Sarah Street Grill!


Love is in the Air!

I know Valentine's Day is a bunch of crap, 
but there is something to be said for taking full advantage of showing those we love that we appreciate them, right!?

This year, my son helped me make gift bags for his teachers, as well as set up the table, decorate and cook for our family.
We had a wonderful, simple, delicious meal around the dinner table; 
Family-tines Day!
I like this redefinition of this otherwise sappy, Halmark holiday.

Token Bookmarks for Teachers
(I shaped them, Elias stamped and threaded them:)

"Family-tine's" Dinner Menus

The Menu

Table Setting,
Complete with Elias' Captain America Valentine's 

This may have to become a cheesy annual tradition.

I hope you all had a day filled with love; 
whether with your family, partner, pet or friends.

xxoo, k