June 11, 2014

Lake Placid or Bust!

We survived that hill in Lake Placid!

This graph doesn't justify the dramatic incline...

It is just a cruel joke that LP event coordinators play on all of us;
Just when you think you are finished, 
your gas tank is on empty, 
and your legs are about to burst into flames, 
they put the longest and steepest hill on the course...at mile 12.5...

Nonetheless, we all finished and will probably be back for more punishment in 2015, 
because the setting, the group of great friends, and the after party make it all worth every second of pain.

Here is a little photo-documentary of our fun-filled marathon weekend:

We arrived!
I love this view
I'm ready!

The necessary gear...

Our celebratory glasses!
Cafe Press lets you customize your own without having to buy in bulk!

Candy Store Credit

The Haus' Warning Against Dangerous Fun...
Brown Dog Cafe Cigar Box Memorial
TKD '14!

How beautiful is Mirror Lake?!
What a perfect morning for a run!

We finished!
Missing Hilary!? :(

My athletic supporter!

Okay, so luckily I don't have to run to support my village,
but I did achieve my personal goal time,
and I shaved 20 minutes off of my time from last year!
Yay me!
Toot toot!
How the hill affected my pace...
so defeating...
Also, somehow my Map My Run app messed up, because I only ran 13.1...not 14.66, but this at least shows my steady slowdown..

Whiteface from the water;
A perfect place to celebrate!

My future summer home;
I'm sorry Erica, they accepted our bid first...

Cliff jump anyone!?
200 feet deep here! Wowza!

86 the Pouilly-Fuisse

Action Shot!

...and then this happened...
Cheers to 13.1!
I love this group!

Thank you Lake Placid for another great weekend!
See you in 2015!

ps. Dear Event Coordinators, 
Could you somehow get rid of that hill at the end?! 

My next event....


  1. Karra - Congrats you are a better woman than me - if you want to skate I can help you out with that! Lake Placid is a beautiful venue for skating as well!

  2. Haha! Thanks Melissa! We missed you this year at the Blair reunion because of this race! :( I hope you guys had a great time and we will catch you next time! xoxo

  3. ps. You might be able to talk me into skating......

  4. Love this documentary of another epic adventure in LP ...thank you for the awesome energy, laughs and friendship! You're the best of the best! (Yup, just like Scotty DeC would say!)

  5. @ K-riv, Every weekend is better with you guys! I will see you again in a few weeks!!