June 12, 2014

Magical Fruit Brownies

Black bean brownies?!

Do they make you fart!?

Why mess with something so perfect as the brownie?!

Yes, this was my initial reaction as well.

However, and much to my surprise, these are delicious;
moist, doughy, fudgey...
Everything you want in a brownie, but with more fiber, less flour and slightly less guilt.

My friend Christie actually mentioned this healthier alternative a few months ago and I thought she was absolutely, 100% crazy...

Then I ran a race down in Bethlehem, PA where they were giving them out as treats to the finishers.
I grabbed a few.

I tasted one and thought, "These are actually really good!"

So, to make sure I wasn't just feeling desperate and light-headed from running, I gave one to my son.
He gobbled it up and came back for seconds.

Then I tested the last one on my husband, and he liked it too!

So, in honor of Christie, here is a recipe I found on the Food Network's website.

I apologize for doubting you!

*The only thing I changed was I added chopped hazelnuts.


Enjoy Everyone!

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