February 24, 2013

Fat Legged Friends Unite!

For the past few years I have been searching for the ultimate pair of wellies, but unfortunately for me I have stumps for legs. 
I bought the cutest pair of red Hunter wellies a few years back, but they cut into my knees when I walked, and it took a pack of marines to get them on and off. One time I swore I might have to take a pair of scissors to those rubbery bitches.
Then I bought a pair of the 'Huntress' wellies (wider and shorter) and that was a complete disaster. They fit my fatties, but they also ended at the widest part of my calf...oy...a very unflattering look.
I entertained dieting, but that passed.
Regardless, fat legged friends, we can now rejoice!
 Hunter has come out with a tall wellie that has an adjustable back!
Now I can wear the tall look, even over my jeans, and actually get them on and off my feet!
They set me back a chunk of change, but if the shoe fits....

Happy Spring Shopping Ladies!
Don't let those thin-legged girls get you down!

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