January 12, 2015

Party Animals

My little man is five!
As he would say, "Holy wakkamoly!"

For the past few years I tell myself that I am going to just bring Elias to his favorite restaurant (Red Robin...ehem, no comment...), have the team of employees sing to, and embarrass him over a piece of molten chocolate cake, get him a balloon, and call it a day.
But, for some insane reason, I don't.

Something inside of me keeps me up for weeks on end making signs and banners, menu planning, cooking and baking, and this year, fashioning a million teeny tiny party hats for an army of plastic animals...
I guess this is what happens when a Master's degree in Art stays home with a son who is born in the middle of winter.
I can't resist.

Well, I can tell you it is all worth it when that little man comes out in the morning, jumping, laughing, kisses abound exclaiming "This is the best day EVER!" 
It is all worth it. 

Here is a photo spread of our day.
Elias' day.

I couldn't resist a little Guns 'n Roses reference to get people in the mood...

Activity Table

Party Animal Mantel
Thank you Pinterest...and snow days...

Gotta love Oriental Trading...

This is much easier in the morning than at night...

FYI, I was beat by a five year old...

The Watering Hole

I think I bought the straws and cups more for my enjoyment...

Party City has bags of tiny animals for a fraction of the cost I could find them anywhere else.
These were a Betty Crocker dark chocolate cupcake mix, then I made a cocoa cream cheese frosting.
I know it was a little Sandra Lee of me,
but it really was time saving, simple and delish.
I actually made them two weeks ahead of time, froze them, and frosted them the morning of the party.

Elias' Choice. Rarrrr.

Party Animal!
So cute!

Yes, we all party here...

This year's Poop and Ponder board.
What would you be?!
I don't know if a Yeti counts!?!

The Pocono Snake and Animal Farm Presentation!

Pete did an amazing job and kept both the adults and kids riveted for an hour and a half with a huge assortment of animals.
He was so professional, personable, knowledgeable and funny.
Thank you so much Pete for making our day great!

No family photo is complete without an alligator...

"A party without cake is just a meeting"
- Julia Child

Parting Gifts
(I know...more Sculpey...can't stop...)

Thank you to all of Elias' friends who came out to make today so special. 
It is not much of a celebration if you don't have loved ones to share the day, and a little bit of laughter, cake, and wine, with.
We love all of you party animals!

Cheers to FIVE!

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