November 26, 2014


My sister is a kitchen goddess.
She is one of the best home cooks I know, and we had the delight of eating some of her best creations a few weeks ago.

She opened the evening with hot, doughy, salty German beer pretzels. 
Fresh from the oven.

(Sung like an angel on high)

Dreams are built around pretzels like these.

I, of course, in true younger sister fashion, had to copy her;
So as soon as I got home I ran to Wegman's for all purpose flour and beer.

So good!

Close up! You can almost smell them!

Ready for action.
I honestly can't believe they made it this far.

Oh ya, we went there.
Cheddar and ale fondue for the serious dippers.

The same exact pretzel recipe makes bagels!
I just made them round and added our favorite bagel toppings, sesame seed and garlic.
Next time we are going with EVERYTHING!

The addiction spreads.
PKR's beauties;
those are olive and rosemary bagels back there!

So much for going carb free before the holidays!?!
Oh well, we only live once, right!?
And to live a life with fresh hot pretzels and bagels, is to live a life of happiness.

This is such a crowd pleaser, 
and the kiddos totally love them.

I highly recommend them over the holidays. 
You just have to invite me over.

Thank you Whitney for the delicious inspiration!

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