November 20, 2014

Art on a Carte, Sarah Street Style

Last night we hosted our second official 'Art on the Carte' event at Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg and it went off without a hitch!

This time we painted Vincent van Gogh's 'Wheatfield with Cypresses,' 
discussed Post-Impressionism and van Gogh's life, and learned about color theory and different painting techniques, including impasto (thick, short brushstrokes signature of van Gogh's style).

Everyone did an amazing job, the food was spectacular, and fun was had by all!

Here is a photo gallery of the evening's event:

Our Classroom for the evening!
What a great space!

From a Different Perspective

Ready to Rock
Geek Board 1

Geek Board 2
Image and Art History Packet

Perfect Timing for Popular Culture and Art History to Collide!
Thank you Mom for the head's up and Vanity Fair for the supplement!


Ready to Paint!

The girl who made this event happen!

Everyone is working so hard!

Look at how great her painting is coming!

Everyone is in the groove!

I'm sad these pics are blurry because it doesn't capture the beauty of the work

Aimee and Larissa are very serious artists:)
That is more like it!

A Natural!

What an awesome class!

Art + Food = Fun!

These ladies rocked it!

I cheated

A Family of Artists!

I both love and hate the fact that there are so many people we couldn't get up close!
What an awesome class!

 Thank you Sarah Street for hosting us, 
and to everyone who came out for our first event in Stroudsburg;

I hope you all left feeling inspired and proud!
You did an amazing job, and it was great getting to work with all of you last night!


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