November 16, 2014

Getting Crafty

Look at how productive we were this weekend!

Our dearest friends came to visit, 
which is always the best because we eat, drink and laugh from sun up to sun down.
This time, however, Kath knocked the entertainment portion out of the park with this super easy, super fun, super beautiful art project. 
It was initially meant to provide the kids with an activity, but it hooked the adults instantly.

A new addiction has been born.

Look how beautiful!

One of my faves...

Another fave...
This one glows in the dark too!

My first attempt...

So easy even a four year old can do it;
These are Elias'!

Another one of Elias'!

Kath added a layer of Mod-Podge to seal the surface and add a shiny coat to her bowls.
What a great addition!
 I love how it makes them look like marble!

So beautiful!

I am so excited about this project, that I fully plan on running to Michael's tomorrow to purchase a gazillion dollars worth of Sculpey and Mod-Podge!

Now you all know what you are getting for Christmas.

Here is the awesome blog/link we referenced and used:


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