September 16, 2014

The Montana Series

Here is a preview of a new series of abstracted paintings I completed over the past several weeks.
Inspired by our family trip this summer, I pulled from colors, textures and emotions reminiscent of Montana.

I hope you enjoy them!

Oil on Canvas

"Morning Run"
Oil on Canvas

"Mountain Pond"
Oil on Canvas

"Big Sky Country"
Oil on Canvas

"Glacial Riverbed"
Oil on Canvas

These photos were taken under a florescent light, 
in the deep dungeon where I am frantically trying to get them to dry before they leave to show; 
this dulls the color and subtle nuances of texture...
Sadly, florescent light tends to not do any of us any favors...
so, while you wait for me to produce stronger photographs, 
you may just have to come see them for yourself at 5 Corners Cafe in Old Forge, NY this Fall/Winter!

And better yet, you can enjoy them with a glass of wine and a plate (or two, or three) of incredible food! 


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