September 14, 2014

Cheese Monger Mama

My life is almost complete.
I made mozzarella!

And it was surprisingly simple and quick. 
And it made the best cheese I've ever tasted.... 
I think it was the personal pride oozing out with every bite...

You would think that I was the first person on earth to ever make cheese. 
It was like a science experiment! 
A deliciously rewarding science experiment.

Now, I just have to master making pasta and wine...

Here, I served the mozzarella with snipped basil, lemon zest, Herbs de Provence olive oil and Hawaiian black lava salt.
The only three ingredients, besides water;
I found the vegetable rennet and citric acid powder on Amazon, and I picked up the raw milk at Klein Farms down near Easton, PA

My Sous Chef

Squeezing out the excess whey

And my very own taste tester!

I have to attribute my cheese making success to The Pioneer Woman;
 Her photo blog made the step by step process less intimidating, and so simple. 
Thank you Ree!

For my PA friends, you can buy raw milk at Klein Farms down near Easton, and Earthlight Organics in Stroudsburg carries their products as well. 

I am really glad that I tried this.
 It was so rewarding! 
I was really intimidated, but it truly is very easy to do. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, 
and if you are looking for a fun Sunday project, this is it.

Say cheese!

ps. Do I smell a cheese party in our future!?!

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