July 2, 2014

Summertime Exercise

It is so unbelievably sweaty and sticky out there.

The other day I went for a run at 7:45 am and it felt like I was running across the African Sahara.

When I returned to my car, the temperature gauge read 82 degrees...
82 degrees!?
At 9:00 in the morning!?


Well, I guess instead of crying, I should do something about this little problem of mine;
I need to choose a different exercise until the humidity breaks, and/or the temperature dips to a normal level.

Maybe Bikram!?! 

The 26 Bikram poses. 
Practice each pose twice, attempting to further yourself on the second round.

Haha, you laugh, but this makes perfect sense to me...

Just step outside and WALLA!
Instant Bikram studio!

And the major advantage is that we don't have to torture ourselves in a studio full of waifs wearing spanky shorts, bra tops and pig tails.

So, break out those yoga mats and water bottles ladies and gentlemen. 
Summer is here in full force.
Let us take advantage!

Give it try and let me know how it goes;
I love me some Bikram!

I hope you all have a relaxing, happy, and healthful holiday weekend! 


*Disclaimer & Common Sense Code:
 I am not a yoga instructor. 
Don't hurt yourself.

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