March 31, 2014

Peace Out Skinny Jeans!

I loathe skinny jeans. 

Honestly, unless you are built like Giselle or a pre-teen from 90210, you probably shouldn't be wearing them.

So, much to my delight, wide-leggers are back.
Finally, the pendulum has swung!

Terms like 'Pixie,' 'Super-Skinny,' 'Toothpick' and 'Minnie' will hopefully be words of the deep, dark, distant past.

Here are some cuties I found at Anthropologie:

Tiled Wide-Legs

Brighton Linen Wide-Legs

Tiburon Patchwork Wide-Legs

Gamma Wide Legs

Brixen Wide-Legs

I love these so much that they may even convince me to fold up my yoga pants and save them for, dare I say, yoga!?

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