February 20, 2014

To Dance on Tables

I have never wanted to feel the sun on my face, bust out of these wool socks, and jump into a pool so badly in my entire life.

When you wish for a 'real' winter, you must be ready for what may show up at your doorstep.
Tread lightly with your words.

Here are a few fun finds for your cold Friday afternoon to bring you to a place all things fun, and sun, and Spring Break.

Watch out; 
I may behave like a nineteen year old this Spring... 

Beer Belt
Do you think wine bottles will fit?
Pong Head Game
When a table isn't available...
Party Pong Pool Float
Who is in!?
River Rover Lounge Chair Pool Float
Spring break...this summer!?! Hell, both!
Bike Fyxation Bike Wine Holder
For the ride to the beach
Bota Bag Flask
The perfect wine bag for any Spring Break outing...
but I would be wearing clothes...
Unicorn Mask
Why not, right!?
UO Bandages
For the morning after...

Thank you Urban Outfitters for helping me imagine how my alter-ego may behave...
given the right opportunity...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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