November 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

The weekend is here and I was so excited that I decided to start celebrating a day early. 
Last night a group of awesome ladies and myself explored Shawnee on the Delaware. 
We started with a delicious Peruvian restaurant, Inti, and ended with a badass microbrew joint, Shawnee Craft.

Both, highly recommended.

If you are looking for someplace new and different, I highly recommend both. 
Inti's Peruvian menu is a fresh, cultural addition to the Stroudsburg scene. The atmosphere, cozy and clean. The people, kind and knowledgeable. The food, eclectic and tasty. 
Check out their site, and don't forget to byo!

Shawnee Craft is like an underground hub for hipsters and beer mongers. 
Cool. Accoustic. Organic. 
If you go, order the Bourbon Barrel Porter. 
Holy shit. 
It is like coffee and beer had a milkshake lovechild.
The perfect way to top off an evening, or relax after a day on the slopes.
Not that we have snow yet...or that I have gone skiing much in the last fifteen years...but if we were to get snow, and I were to start skiing again, this is where I would end my day.
I just see it.
It makes sense.
Go there, and you will understand!

Have a great weekend everyone!
See you on Monday, just in time for pre-holiday banter!

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