March 8, 2013

Restaurant Bliss

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Not to brag, but this girl got to go out to dinner TWICE in one week without a toddler!
Can you imagine such bliss!?

For my Pennsylvania people I had two great experiences at two very unsuspecting dines:
Marco Antonios and Le Persil Bistro.
And for cocktails and child's play?! 
Head to the 'Yard of Ale' on Main. The old 'Mollies,' they have transformed this old dig into a hip beer garden with an adult arcade in the basement.
Very few things are more fun than seeing your husband laugh like a child while racing cars. I mean, how can you go wrong with air hockey and red wine!?
If you are lucky enough to be like me, get out and try something different this weekend!

 Le Persil Bistro 
For those of you who think that French is stuffy, small portioned and unapproachable, this restaurant will prove you wrong on every account.
We had a beautifully delicious dinner there this week. The staff is friendly and inviting. The food was homey and comfortable. The decor is clean and simple to reflect the use of their ingredients, and a French testament to less is more, this restaurant is a charm. Plus, no corking fee!

We left pleasantly full and look forward to returning soon.
Check it out people, and thank you Le Persil for the great meal!

Bon Appetite!

Marco Antonio's Spanish and Portuguese Restaurant
All I have to say is grilled sardines, seafood paella, fried artichokes, good friends and again, no corking fee! 
'Nuff said.

Click on the links for more information or just go!
Just remember to bring your favorite wines because both restaurants are BYOB = saving money on ridiculous restaurant markups.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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