January 21, 2016


50 seems like such a big number.
But then you meet Todd and that number diminishes.

Cheers to the youngest 50 year old I know!

What do you get your man when this big number rolls around?!
I wanted to make it big...something special...so for the 50 days leading up to his birthday Elias and I gave him one gift per day.
It was fun!
Some days were bigger (tickets to NYC/Peter Lugers), and some were smaller (toothpaste), some were personal (hand painted canvas from Elias), and some were silly ("It took me 50 years to look this good" t-shirt); but overall it seemed to be a hit.
You knew it went over well when you heard his guy friends telling their wives to do it for them!
Maybe I'll get 40 to 40 this summer?!
Hint, hint...

Since he didn't want a big party, I tried to pay attention to the small details...and I know from experience that cocktail napkins and matches do not go out of style in this household...

Seriously, the cake of all cakes.
Two layers of dark chocolate cake with peanut butter chips, two layers of "zebra" cake (Elias' addition), alternated and glued together with peanut butter cream cheese frosting.
The chips hide the imperfections...
With only one cake pan to my name, this took a LOT longer than one would assume...
labors of love...

Half Full Baby!

He may kill me for publishing this...

The birthday crown, courtesy of Elias

Todd's Bar

Todd's Bar set up for the family dinner.
Personalized 1965 poster;
I found out Todd was born the same year as the Pop-Tart! It was meant to be!

Not a very good picture, but these individual crab and avocado salads were to die for.
Yay me.

Ready to party!
Yes, that balloon has been inflated since Father's Day!?!

The Bar List...not that anyone used it.
I should have known; A bowl of lemon peels was sufficient with our crowd...but it looked pretty!

Party hardy!


The End

I wish I had more pictures of the food and party, but it was a success!

Happy Birthday Dada.
We love you. 
Cheers to making next half overflow!


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