January 27, 2015

Label Everything!

 Okay, okay, one more Sculpey craft project
...or two...or three...
ah hell, who am I kidding!?! 
Get used to these regular Sculpey projects people...
Especially now that I've rediscovered labelling.

When I was teaching high school, my students used to make fun of me because I would label everything.
Tiny signs everywhere.
Signs labelling the paint brushes.
The paint.
The supply table.
The class folders.
The ceramic racks.
Everything had a place and every place had a label.
I can hear their voices now saying "uhh, Ms. Clark, is this the SINK!?" as they would point teasingly at my sign reading 'sink.'
Ha. ha. ha.
In my defense, some sinks were strictly for hand washing, others for paint brush washing, others for clay cup washing etc. 
In the art room it was all about control! 
(laughter abound!)

Well, anyway, here is where my two worlds collide; 
One, my current obsession with Sculpey, 
and two, my obsession with labelling things.

Taaa daaaa!

Decanter labels for PKR

Step one: roll Sculpey into balls
Step two: form into elongated ovals
Step three: flatten them out with the palm of your hand or a rolling pin...or a wine bottle works ironically well here!
Step four (not shown): Stamp labels and make holes with a tooth pick
Step five: bake per package instructions
Step 6: Brush with mod-podge to protect and seal, allow to dry, and string with ribbon.

You can find the alphabet, number and symbol stamps at any craft store in a variety of sizes and fonts.
Sadly, after buying these, I found the same exact size and font stamps at Walmart for $1.00;
a fraction of what I paid.
 Effing Walmart.



Cheese please!

Name labels for party favors

Irish Creme and Cafe Rica
Adult libations for my son's birthday party

Poor Todd will come home sometime soon after all of these snow days to find everything in our home labelled.
I can see it now!
Imagine the damage I can do in the kitchen alone!

Sculpey label heaven!

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