December 18, 2014

Craft Explosion

Everything is turning up Sculpey.

I can not stop crafting, and I promise this will be my last post on the matter...well, maybe. 
I will try.

I both have to thank and to blame my friend Kathy for introducing me to these projects.
Once you realize how easy and fun it is, 
you feel like you could construct anything and everything out of this wonderously simple clay-like material. 

I have caught the crafting bug. 

Check these out!
...last post, I promise...

Holiday Themed Coasters

Coil, Twist, Smoosh Into a Ball  Roll Out (not shown) and Mold

The Finishing Materials:
Mod Podge to seal and add shimmer + Gold Paint to add a beautiful finished rim.


Gifts for Everyone!

 Again, I cannot take full credit for these.

My friend Kathy not only introduced me to this awesome project, 
but also to the great blog 'A Beautiful Mess,' where this project originated, and every single one of their craft projects looks like something I could get my hands into.
(Poor Elias may have a winter of crafting ahead of him)!

Check out the link for the best instructions on how to do this project, and explore all of their other great ideas:

Happy Crafty Holidays!

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