September 9, 2014

Labne Love

On a recent trip to Barnes and Nobles with my son, I haphazardly grabbed a cookbook off of a display table as we rushed to the wooden train set. 
Yes, I use the train set as bribery to get my son to the bookstore.
That's right.

Regardless, much to my perusing delight, I grabbed 'Balaboosta' by Einat Admony. 
It is not only a beautiful book, filled with delightful stories and photographs about family and inspiration, but the recipes are manageable, loaded with fresh flavors, and a nice diversion from our regular cooking repertoire.

Today, in preparation for a dinner party tomorrow, I am making super simple, super delicious Lebanese labne.
I have joked that I could eat an entire tub of yogurt or sour cream given the right circumstances.

Well, here we all can with social acceptance!

Buy or borrow this book.
You will love the recipes, images and stories!

Stay tuned for after images!


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