July 11, 2014

Happy Friday, Costa Rican Style!

Hurray, it is Friday!
I love it when company comes to town!

Here is a short preview of our weekend;

I think I'm going to call this concoction the
 "Sour Temple"... or maybe the "Shirley Sour"...
...you see where I'm headed...

We are going to make fresh sour mix 
(this will actually be Elias' job; to squeeze a dozen lemons and a dozen limes and a few oranges...good parenting, I know, I know), 
sweet cherry simple sugar,
chill and shake it over ice with Cacique, a clear booze distilled from sugarcane that is popular in Costa Rica,
then top it off with some bubbly seltzer for festivity's sake.

I can tell it is going to be a delicious weekend.
Just add a baby pool and life will be complete!

Have a great weekend everyone!

ps. I'm sorry Kath and Paul, we were going to wait and drink the Cacique with you, but we can't resist! 
We will have to make another trip to Costa Rica for the next batch!

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