June 27, 2014

Happy Friday

Wait, what!?
You don't run!?

Join the club.
 The majority of my friends and family are on your side.
 Including my husband. 
Although he was the person that got me strapped into my Mizunos and jogging up and down our driveway, he has long since jumped ship.

So, although he supports my efforts, he hates the sport, so I thought I would get him this as a token of my appreciation:

...and I filled it with his favorite summertime drink; the simple and classic vodka and club soda. 
Lemon and Lime.

I am such a good wife.

Happy Friday to all of my non-runner, and runner friends out there!
Let us conserve some energy this weekend!

Summer is HERE!!!

ps. I bought this glass at Cafe Press. 
They have the best stuff!

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