June 24, 2014

Dye Now, Wine Later!

I usually do not like having shit thrown in my face, but this may be the exception.

Who knew that this concept would be so wildly popular!?

This relatively new, color-run phenomena is such a great way to bring people together; 
It is an un-timed (yay!), 
judgement-free (yay!), 
non-ability based (yay!), 
communal (yay!)
...and people throw shit at you. 
Packages of color-dyed cornstarch, to be exact. 

Funny right!?
Well, the originators of this tour hit the nail on the head;
People love it! 
All shapes, sizes, talents, and ages show up under the banner of fun.

Photo: So fresh and so clean clean!
Our clan before the onslaught!
So hot! So clean!

 I highly recommend doing this run the next time it rolls into a town near you. 
Grab a group of your favorite people, get jazzed up and have a blast!

Thank you Monica for suggesting this event, 
the awesome homemade t-shirts, and the post-race vino!

My only suggestions: wear clothes that can get stained, and don't plan any fancy events that following night...unless you don't mind showing up with tie-dyed skin...

Check it out!


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