March 3, 2014

Squeeze Me

So, if I can't actually be in Florida, I figure I can bring a little bit of Florida to Pennsylvania.

Or, my in-laws can send us oranges and we can try to make every tropical drink under the sun.

It started out innocently enough; 
my husband squeezing the oranges with my son on an early Saturday morning... putting the rinds into a container to create a little orange-vodka infusion...

...then getting the idea to add a little prosecco to that beautiful juice...

..then that night brilliantly getting the idea to make citrus martinis...

There really isn't a juice on the market that tastes as good as freshly squeezed orange juice.

We definitely got our vitamin C this weekend!

Thank you Glenn and Mildred for the wonderful oranges.

We could definitely taste the sunshine.


Happy Monday Everyone!

ps. I'm sorry we drank all of your juice Elias...

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