February 18, 2014

A Winter Adventure

Finally, school was not cancelled yesterday! 

Because running outside is almost impossible right now, and a trip to the mountain on President's Day was less than appealing, I set out down the driveway with intentions of doing a few short laps to get a little fresh air...
then I realized how absolutely beautiful it was outside! 
A short walk was not going to suffice.

So, I went back in the house, strapped on my big-ass snow boots, grabbed a pair of poles, and I was off...

Whether it is because I have been pent up for the past few months with various illnesses, snowstorms, or allergies, it truly was the best two + hour snow hike ever.
I came home with full intentions of buying snowshoes and starting a new hobby.

Snow Selfie


A Field Just Waiting to Be Snow-Shoed

Thank you Katie and Allie for making miles of tracks! I still sank, but this hike would have been impossible without them!

So quiet and peaceful!

Anybody Home!?

Critter Scuffle #1

Critter Scuffle #2...yes, that is blood...:(

Katie, Allie and Elias' Snowman

2 hours later and still toasty warm!

Thank you school for not cancelling, Mr. Golden Sun for shining, my boots for keeping my feet warm, and Katie and Allie for snowmobiling the perfect paths through the fields and forest! 

It was a charmed day.

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