January 2, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

Not to grumble, but as a high school Art teacher we were often overlooked by the majority of parents around the holiday season. 
It is difficult. 
There are so many people to gift, life is expensive, and your son's art teacher, whom he hates because she makes him read art history, is usually the first to get bumped to the end of the line.
I understand.

But it was never easy to see the other homeroom teachers, math teachers, english teachers et.al. waltz out to their cars with bags of loot.
Merry Christmas Fuckers.

So now I try to appreciate all of Elias' teachers.
They have a hard job.
They are underpaid for what they endure every day.
They raise our kids.
Yes, even the art teachers have a roll in this.
So, show them you care this season.
It doesn't have to be fancy.

Honestly, what is better than a warm loaf of bread and a bottle of super strong, cold-pressed coffee?!
Maybe a day to sleep in, and enjoy it!?!
Thank you teachers!

Brown baggin' it
 Thank you educators, assistants, personel, administrators and every person who has a roll in our education system.

Have a great holiday season!

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