January 6, 2014

La Colombe Kindness

Once in awhile the earth shifts and you realize that there is still some good left in this world.

Like, for instance, the fact that I ordered 'La Colombe's Pure Black' coffee for holiday gifts, 
but when they arrived the few bottles I opened were rusty and damaged around the rims. 

I had to sample!

Well, as a courtesy, I shot them a nice, sincere email to let them know 
(seriously, it was nice + I didn't ask for a refund).
Two days later, an entire brand new case arrived on my doorstep! 

Totally unnecessary, but so gladly received.

In a land where most people would just tell you to shove it up your ass, this was a reaffirmation in kindness.

Thank you La Colombe for not only having a killer brew, but having great customer service.

I love you even more now!

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