December 5, 2013

My Favorite Long Distance Run

Okay, so maybe the length of one rural Main Street block is not considered 'long distance' to those who lace up on a regular basis...but to a three year old it is damn long. 
And if you are one of the unlucky parents who have to carry your toddler and run that is even longer.
Luckily, my son is training to be a superhero, so he ran his little ass off. 
And he didn't even recognize that we came in second to last!
(The Grinch being the official last...)

I think we could have smoked that crowd if my little lover didn't have to stop and say hi to every spectator along his path, and/or pick up all of the antlers that had fallen from the more competitive children and adults in the crowds ahead of us; 
This upset him very much.
How can a reindeer run without his antlers?!
Don't they want them!?
Do they notice!?
"Wait! Stop! You lost your antlers! WAAAAIIIITT!"

I believe he has inherited both his mother's running ability and competitive spirit.

Best. Race. Ever.

This 'Reindeer Run' was hosted in Old Forge, NY this past weekend and was completely free, antlers and all!
Not to mention Bob and Helen hosted Disney's 'Frozen' at the theatre for $3/runner + free popcorn.
Where else on earth does this happen?!!


Thank you race organizers, Bob and Helen, and Old Forge for hosting such a great event.

See you again next year!

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