December 18, 2013

Cookie Craze

So there is no denying it; I am going to get super fat this holiday season.

Call it beginners luck, or conquering the fear of my electric mixer, but I actually made edible cookies from scratch last week!

And what better way to celebrate than by inviting a bunch of women over to share and exchange the deliciousness?
Well, with wine, of course.

Look at how beautiful our cookies came out!

Just make sure you platter and gift them immediately, unless you intend on eating them all yourself....or risk your three year old son eating the Hershey kisses off the top of all the cookies in reach...

Here are the cookie recipes I conquered:

Melty Coconut Macaroons
(They weren't supposed to be melty, but I did something wrong....regardless, they were delish)

*Ina Garten's Recipe for Coconut Macaroons @

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
(Hard as a rock...but my son loved them...)

*Recipe found on the lid of Quaker oatmeal, just substituted dried cranberries in place of raisins

Cornmeal Butter Cookies with Raspberry Jam
(You will notice that these didn't make the platter....ehh hemm....sorry....)

*Recipe found in Cook's magazine

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies with Sea Salt
(Seriously salty addictive)

*Recipe found on

So I know that I am not the first person on earth to make cookies, or have a cookie exchange party, but damn it was fun!

I think this has to become an annual event!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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