November 12, 2013

Greek Feast 2013

 Our annual 'Feast' was this past weekend and we celebrated all things Greek-inspired, food and fun. 
For three days we cooked, ate, drank and competed in our very own Olympic events including
 'The Great Saltine Challenge' (who can eat 4 saltine crackers in a minute...try it! It isn't as easy as you think!), 
a full-fledged obstacle course (including goose hurdles and log rolls), 
a whipped cream race, 
archery, sharp shooting, rocket launching, and of course the never ending battle to get the highest score on 'Centipede.'
Here is a sampling of images from the feast-ivities!

ps. If you haven't done a log roll recently, you should give it a go. It shakes your brain, but makes you remember what is is like to be young again!
 Just be careful walking afterward...

Fun Facts About Greece
Koroneiki, Greek Inspired Olive Oil Favors

Symeon's Incredible Spice Rub
Used on the Pork Slouvaki
(Sadly, we gobbled it all up before I could get a picture!)
Red Wine Braised Goat with Radishes, Potatoes and Cauliflower Puree
Not Necessarily Greek, but Delicious Kale Chips
Paul's Homemade Pita...Incredible!
Greek Orzo
Tzatziki with Mint and Honey
According to Elias, Every Wine Glass Needs a Large Straw
Toga Toga Toga!!!!

Little Caesar

Fun on the Farm

A Toddler's Attempt at the Goose Hurdles
Annie Oakley
Jack Supervises the Log Rolls
The Dance Portion of the Obstacle Course
Pirouette Portion of the Obstacle Course
Trap Shooting
Goose Hurdles

Kathy's Awesome Greek Feast Medals

I sadly was not able to get photos of all of our food as I was too busy eating and laughing, but over the three days, this is what we cooked and ate:

Greek Orzo with Spicy Shrimp and Feta
Greek Spiced Pork Slouvaki
Marinated Baked Feta with Pita Chips
Homemade Pita
Braised Goat with Cauliflower Puree, Radishes and Potatoes
Mousakka with Bechamel
Grilled Tuna

Now, I must run five miles every day this week and eat only green vegetables...

Next year, we are going pan-Asian!...but we may have to keep the obstacle course for good measure.



  1. Hello!
    This looks like a wonderful weekend! May I know where you got your small bottle of Greek olive oil?
    I have been looking and can't seem to locate any.
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    This was a great weekend! Every year we choose a different cuisine and Greece lent itself to so many great options (both food and activity wise)! I got the olive oil from a small store in Bethlehem, PA called 'Season's Olive Oil and Vinegar.' They also have another store in Lancaster, PA. They did not have the small bottles on the shelf, however I got talking to the owner and she had small bottles left over from an event and gave me a great deal! They are so nice, and they have the best product. There website is
    The labels and decorations I made myself and you can access more options via this blog, or on my Pinterest page 'Karra Greeks.' You can access my Pinterest page via this blog as well.
    Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!
    xx, k