November 25, 2013

Elks Care, Elks Share

Happy Monday Everyone!

This weekend marked the beginning of the holiday season for us with the Elk's Lodge Spaghetti dinner in honor of Toys for Joy. 

All of the food and supplies were donated, and all of the services volunteered. 
Much to our delight, they achieved a record number of sales;
Over 210 plates of spaghetti!

Plus, not to mention, they had the best meatballs this side of little Italy, thanks to the hard work of our men. 
It took a team of five of them, working two days straight to do the job of one Italian grandmother.

Good job boys. You didn't disappoint!

Also, thank you Johnny for taking these pictures! 
We were so busy chasing our toddlers around to stop, pause and document.

See you next year at the Elks Lodge!
Do you think we can surpass 210!?

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