November 26, 2013

Bread Babe

After housing a loaf of bread that didn't mold for six months, I decided that it was time to start my own baking. 
Sadly, I've been trying unsuccessfully for what seems like an eternity.
Too hard. Too dense. Inedible. Burnt.

Well, now I am officially queen of my kitchen....
Okay, perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration... 
but that is how I feel after making my first official, successful batch.
You can actually eat this bread!

These loaves didn't dent my counter, or break my bread knife when I cut through them....dare I say that they are actually good!?

I feel like I cleared the proverbial bread hurdle.

Call me Martha 

King Arthur's 'Hearth Bread'
Crunchy Crust, Doughy White Center

King Arthur's Half White, Half Wheat

Half White, Half Wheat's Glorious Inside

Funny Looking But Fabulous In My Book!

Carbs for Days

Beware, I may weigh twenty pounds more the next time you see me. 

Both the white bread recipe ("Hearth Bread"), and the wheat bread recipe I used were taken from King Arthur Flour's website. 
Thank you King Arthur, I will be seeing you again soon!

My next feat: Black Russian Bread!
What is your favorite bread recipe!?

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