October 2, 2013

Pink is the New Black

What a better way to start a fresh season of blogging than with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

If you haven't been touched by cancer, don't worry, you will.
 Not to sound morose, but it is true. 
Cancer touches all of us. And it certainly doesn't discriminate. 

In dedication to my mother, and the countless other women who have battled this horrific disease, I am going to wear something on my person every day this month that is a testament to our fight against cancer, continue doing my regular checks, schedule my annual mammogram, and spend as much time with the people I love as possible.
Will you join me!?!

Pink is the new black!

1" Metallic Plastic Ribbon Lapel Pins

Here is an important link that I encourage you all to visit, or keep tucked in your back pocket for later use:

This site is loaded with all things educational about Breast Cancer; from 'Men Against Breast Cancer,' to 'The American Cancer Society,' to 'Susan G. Komen.'
I hope you all find it useful!

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