October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo, what are you going to be tonight!?
I was never much of a Halloween person, but I've come to find out that it can actually be fun!
Thank you toddlers for introducing me to something new.
Here are my top three favorite costumes of the year.

Much to my dismay, my husband refused the hotdog outfit...

Well, enjoy!

C'mon Todd, this is the best!

This Humpty Dumpty costume is adorable!
I can't stop laughing!
Little Orphan Annie Halloween costume...oh my goodness.  This makes me want to burst into "the sun will come out tomorrow..."  annie was a huge part of my childhood :). For emmie next year?
Thank goodness we didn't have a girl. I would not be able to resist this costume!

I hope you all survive the candy-crazed, screaming children, girls dressed as sluts, shaving cream and toilet paper onslaught tonight!


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