October 14, 2013

Channeling Martha Stewart

This weekend we pulled out the lugs and went to town.
Apparently Halloween is pretty cool to a three year old...which in turn makes it cool for me I suppose.
The genuine excitement and enthusiasm of a child is undeniably contagious.

My son kept me well entertained with a soundtrack of Halloween riddles, songs and diddies as we filled our house with all things spooky. 

Thank you for your help little man!
"Halloween is Coming, Halloween is Coming..."

Freaky Buckets 

I was going to make my own, but why reinvent the wheel!?
Target banner on sale for 10 bucks = more time for fun.

(For some reason this guy reminds me of Jack Black?!)

A great use for old corks (and old candles...these are from our wedding!)!

Our Annual Halloween Tree
(Ornaments from Pier One)

Elias' Contribution!
Love This Guy

The Fall Mantel

Spiders Everywhere...

Some toddler loves to break the appendages off of these guys...Luckily we picked them up at the dollar store a few years back...

Autumn Dinner Party 

I have officially achieved cheesy housewife status...

These are actually pencils I found at TJ Maxx this past summer!

Sadly, my husband forbids me from getting this for our son...

Um, ya....I don't think so...

he he he he....

Could you imagine waking up to this face!?

I believe it is true when they say that children make you young again.
I'm officially in the mood.

Happy Pre-Halloween Everyone!

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