August 20, 2013

Gardening Bliss

I think I am the very first person to ever have a garden....Oh, the pride.
We are knee deep in clipping, pruning, weeding, picking, blanching, freezing, pickling, canning... 
I can't imagine what this is going to feel like once I get the knack of this.
Let it grow!

Our First Pumpkin!
Heirloom Explosion
Our First Eggplant and a Few Hole-y Tomatoes For The Ripening
Did I Mention That I Love Having a Garden!?
I can taste the sauce already...
Tomato Elephantitus
Peter Pepper....
The Broccoli That Will Not Stop Growing...
Hopefully our freezer doesn't shit the bed like last year...and luckily Todd did all of the clipping, soaking, cleaning and preserving.
Good man!

Now, what should we make with all of this stuff!?
Did somebody say dinner party!?

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