June 28, 2013

Happy Hot Summer Friday!

Phew it is a hot one!
Take advantage of this scorching weather and make a big batch of sun-tea, grandmother style.
My favorite tea to use is 'Mighty Leaf's Green Tea Tropical.' 
It has a beautiful, light, herbal taste. 
No sweeteners needed!
I made this batch for a party that I had recently, but I have another batch brewing on my patio as I write this post.
This dispenser is great because it is big enough that we can enjoy the tea all week long.
Simply fill your vessel with water, and hang tea bags from the rim and cover. Allow the tea to steep from breakfast to happy hour.
Discard the tea bags.
Pour into an ice-filled mason jar. 
Add a few sprigs of your favorite herbs and/or lemon wedges.
Add a splash of lemonade if you wish.
Add a splash of grain if you wish.
Sit back in that rocker, crank up that country music and toast to summer!

Happy Friday Everyone!

(The vessel in this image is from Target; Mighty Tea can be found at most grocery stores, but could also be purchased on-line; Country music can be found on the radio; Joy can be found in your heart)

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