May 5, 2013

Free of Meat Recipe #6

"Homemade" Pizza
Okay. I know this one is not earth shattering or original, but it is so delicious, especially if you like doughy deliciousness.
...Not to mention that I really wanted to try out my new pizza stone, and I was desperate for a quick, meat free recipe after a day of shopping...

It is also a fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen; just set up a station of toppings and let them decorate their very own personal pizza.
Again, I know this is far from original, but the variations are endless. 
And it is fun.
Here is one that my son made. 
Sometimes less is more... 

Homemade or Wegman's pre-made pizza dough
Flour for rolling
Cornmeal for bottom

1. Make and/or roll out dough on a floured surface
2. Add sauce, cheese and toppings
3. Bake
4. Eat


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