April 15, 2013

Safety First!

Spring in here and I've hit the ground running...well kind of...
Getting back into shape is daunting. 
It is amazing how just a few months of minor elliptical training can pull you so far away from that five mile mark.
So, in likely event that I have a heart attack, trip and fall into a ravine, or somebody plows me down with their minivan, I am now covered.
Since I live in an area where only a few people know me by name, I feel much safer running with my trusty 'Road ID.' 
Especially after Boston. You can never be too safe.

Let's Get Running!!!
Get your ID!

(I love the idea of getting one for kids too...just in case they run off in that busy supermarket...)

**Also, browse quickly through any 'Runner's' magazine or search on-line for promotional codes. They are always out there!**

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