April 16, 2013

Documentation Station

I am an equal opportunity notebook lover; sketchbook, three-ring, moleskin, legal, standard, hardcover, softcover, tracing, graphing...
I could spend an hour in the notebook isle of any CVS alone. Get me in a stationary store and you will lose me for days.
My house is peppered with notebooks of all kinds. Some of them are overflowing, some of them are completely empty. 
They are all meant for something they just don't know it yet. 
Maybe my obsession stems from the fact that I kept a journal from around fifth grade all the way into my 20's, or maybe it is the art teacher inside me who cannot stress the importance of sketchbooks and journaling for reflection, development and self-therapy. 

I wonder what came first, the chicken or the egg?!

Nonetheless, I have recently re-discovered the notebook isle at, of course, Target, and much to my delight they have the cutest notebooks of all sorts.

Check out these puppies!

Three-Ring Binders To Store All Life's Stuff
Quickly and Easily:
(Labels Purchased from Michael's Art and Craft Store)

A New 3-Ringer for Your Favorite Recipes:

Two Preppies for Your Car or Purse:

A One-Line-A-Day Book for The Busy Journalist
(I would Call This a Mother's Dream Diary):

A Great Night Stand Diary or a Unique Spin on a Guest Book

Happy Journaling Everyone!
Now Go Get Your Write On!

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