March 29, 2013

HaPpY FRIday!

Is that Spring I Smell!?
Or is it Red Jacket?
This all natural apple juice is fresh, clean and crisp. Unlike a lot of juices it is not overly sweet. In fact, it is a little tart, and if you pay attention it kind of tastes like lemons.
If you see it, pick it up. It is expensive, but it is a nice treat. 
Actually, it could be a great addition to your Easter Brunch. You could serve it solo, add a splash to your Prosecco for a spin on a Mimosa, or shake with ice and vodka and serve in a cold glass for a delicious apple-tini. Garnish with a slice of apple +/or a lemon peel and you are ready to rock.
Adam and Eve would be proud.
Happy Friday Everyone!
Have a great Easter!

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