March 15, 2013


A girl's weekend is always sweeter with a Mojito or two!
I made these herbaceous gifts for a few of my girlfriend's when they came to visit last summer, but in going with the green-theme this week, I thought these would work perfectly for St. Patrick's Day!?
Green beer is so 1998.
Accompany with rum, seltzer, sugar cubes, and muddle away!

They can even double as a centerpiece

To make these I used simple mason jars that I picked up at the store, cleaned decorative rocks from the pet store (cheaper than buying the overpriced containers of decorative rocks from craft stores), and mint plants from the local farmer's market or grocery store.
The labels are homemade, but you can buy 
pre-made labels and just attach with ribbon or twine. The reverse side has the recipe for a traditional Mojito.

*Get herbs with roots attached and add water to keep them alive. If you clip them they will die before your guests arrive.
However, and especially with mint, these will live for awhile on your windowsill, or on your patio, as long as they have water. Also, you can always add soil to the mason jars, or replant them in planters so you can have mojitos all summer long!
Now that is the gift that keeps giving!

Have a great green weekend everyone!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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